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What’s In Your Character?

I am not a perfect friend. With the best intentions, I still forget birthdays, lag with email returns, fall short on connecting through social media. I’m not a coddler or a social butterfly, but I’m there in a heartbeat when a friend needs me. Call at 3:00 in the morning, two states away and I’ll drive to help without a second thought. I’m reliable, forgiving, trustworthy and will always have my friends’ backs. Like the characters in my writing I have unique strengths paired with human flaws and am a constant work in progress.



Perfection dwells in the imagination––thank God. How daunting, arduous life would be if we had to endure perfection in a friend or mate. So why do we pass judgement so easily? Is it our own insecurities that trigger fragile defense mechanisms deep within our souls? Are we really born with dominate personality traits––alpha, beta and omega––that blossom or wither in the trail of dust that cultivates our frame of reference . . . then becomes our lives? Traits or actions that are acceptable, even attractive to some, pour salt in the wounds of others.

Some say that speakers and writers espouse wisdom on the very topic they need most. I conceive my characters the same way, drawing on flaws and strengths I’ve seen in myself and others. I feel blessed that writing gives me a unique insight into both, making me a better friend and more loving partner. The past is filled with fragmented memories, obscure decisions and  broken relationships. Past patterns may be an insight into future behavior, but should it be a life sentence? As different as we are, we have common threads that bind us together. There is no magical algorithm like Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon devised. We all evolve, like characters in our favorite books.


Live your Dreams

Take A Moment-It Could Change Your Life!

Busy lives have us dashing from one appointment to the next with a seemingly endless to-do list. Life can be so hectic. We have to be here, then be there—sometimes it’s hard to slow down long enough to catch our breath and “just be”—to take time to relax, love, live and soak in the beautiful moments of our lives—like watching a sunset with someone you love, a precious moment with your child or friend. We don’t stop often enough to enjoy a rain storm, a crackling fire or waves crashing to the shore.


We can miss wonderful moments that take our breath away—holding hands, a passionate kiss or gazing together at a starry sky. It’s those moments that are the essence of life. Goals and dreams are wonderful as long as you remember Read more “Take A Moment-It Could Change Your Life!”

Come See Me At The Decatur Book Festival

Hey Everyone. I just want to remind all of my blog fans to come see me this weekend at the Decatur Book Festival. My book will be on sale at the Emerging Author’s section all weekend! And I’ll be there live to speak and sign books on Sunday at 3:30pm.

Decatur Book Festival is one of the biggest book festivals in the country! Come join me at this multi-day event that features 14 stages packed with authors, live music, poetry readings, panel discussions, signings, cooking demonstrations and much more.

Children will be entertained with authors and illustrators, a parade and field trips and games/activities, and teens have some fabulous activities too. There is live music and poetry, cooking demonstrations, the Southern Foodways Alliance Sunday Picnic, and lots of awards. The Rare and Collectible Book Fair, and a Writers’ Conference are all part of it too. Plus, the downtown square is filled with food vendors, a wine garden and plenty of other culinary establishments. It’s the event of the year, so if you don’t have plans yet for the Labor Day weekend, come join in the fun.

I WILL BE SPEAKING ON SUNDAY AT 3:30PM ON THE EMERGING AUTHOR’S STAGE WITH A BOOK SIGNING IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS, and the rest of the time you’ll probably see me throughout the festival mingling with the other author’s and enjoying the festivities! Hope to see you all there!!



Live your Dreams

Remembering Randy Pausch


Ahhh, the summer sun, beach trips, picnics at the park … What a wonderful time of year, but summer will always remind me of something more than lazy summer days. It brings to my mind the life of a man who to me was a true hero. I never knew him, but Randy Pausch was, without a doubt, the epitome of an eternal optimist. If you Read more “Remembering Randy Pausch”

Live your Dreams

The History Of Failed Relationships, Part Deux.

You’d never dive into a shallow pool, right? No one would consciously do that, but people dive right into new relationships every day––without testing the waters first. It’s no wonder so many break their ‘buts’ (yes I meant to spell it that way) But he said . . . But she was . . . But we have . . . Moving too fast, is a sure way to add to your ‘but’ list and chalk up another failed relationship––so if you missed part one in this series, check it out before reading on, because today I’m adding to the top five reasons relationships fail with: The History of Failed Relationships, Part Deux.

How many times have we all heard the cliches, “men are all alike” or “Women! I’ll never understand them?” Maybe we do speak different languages, but honestly people, it’s our differences that keep things interesting.




Men (or women for that matter) aren’t all the same and if you have that attitude or experience, then it’s time you look at the common denominator––YOU!
If your relationships continually end the same way, Read more “The History Of Failed Relationships, Part Deux.”

Live your Dreams

Positive Power-Contest Winners

Life has a way of throwing curveballs at us that can derail the best of plans, but instead of wallowing in Murphy’s Law, try looking at the silver linings along the way. I used to wonder why some people attain amazing goals despite adversity, while others cringe and complain at the slightest bump in the road. Now I realize that attitude is everything and the perspective and perseverance of these positive people inspire me.


Wingless Butterfly hit a few speed bumps on the road to publication too. Formatting issues kept pushing back the launch date. I had great plans, but the schedule I had so neatly set in place had to continually change. Book signings were rescheduled, and my contest winners were left in limbo, but Wingless Butterfly is finally published and it’s time to show the wings of some amazing people.

I did have a problem though, the entries were so compelling, it was difficult to choose the winners––and I finally had to split first prize between two people. Their stories are both filled with incredible strength and determination and their inspiring attitude will touch your hearts. I featured their stories on the ‘Taking Flight’ section of my website so please read about the incredible strength and courage of these two special women.

I’m honored to announce winners who will share first place in my contest! Congratulations to:  Barbara Tsouklas and Alice Shapiro.

Click here to read their stories:

Barbara’s Story

Alice’s Story

Dale’s Challenge & Patty’s Post

This blog post is an expression of special thanks to my wonderful and creative friends. So many of you have asked me what you can do to help me promote Wingless Butterfly, and honestly, marketing is a whole new world for me. I’m trying to learn and think outside the box, but my friends are coming up with some fabulous ideas. Obviously they are more creative than me, ingenious and truly amazing too, for taking the time and effort to encourage their friends to read my book! Dale and Patty were the first to come up with some great ideas. Dale has been a great friend since high school, and she posted a challenge on Facebook to all of her friends and attached a link to my book trailer to it. This is what it said:
Hey Facebook Friends — I want to see how many of you read this book and figure out which character I am! Casi did not use our real names. Whoever figures it out first gets taken to lunch by me!

She has gotten a page of comments on Read more “Dale’s Challenge & Patty’s Post”

Live your Dreams

Casi’s Radio Interview

Listen to internet radio with Black Belt Jim on Blog Talk Radio

I have had several requests to post my BlogTalkRadio interview on this site so, in case you missed the show, here it is. BTW, my book release is just around the corner and I will be taking pre-release orders through my Facebook page soon. If you’d like signed copies of Wingless Butterfly, pre-release, send me an email and watch for my Facebook announcement. Thanks to everyone for listening to the radio show and for supporting me.



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