Casi’s Secret Circle Book Club-It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village

Remember the old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child?” As a seasoned author, I’ve discovered the same concept applies to books. When I wrote “The End” on the final page of my first novel, I felt like I birthed a  baby. The sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, and excitement matched few other milestones in my life. And when the book released, the exhilaration overwhelmed me. Now, my publisher will sell my books and bring in the cash while I return to my computer and begin another masterpiece. Meh. Nothing was further from the truth.

It takes a village to handle all the work an author has to do.

Authors––especially self-published––wear every hat a career demands.

I’m a writer, formatter, editor, proof-reader, cover artist, publisher, publicist, and marketer. But the list didn’t end there. I’m also a website designer, blogger, advertiser, ad designer, social media guru, page developer, newsletter designer, and media specialist. I joined social media groups which require participation, host other authors, run promotions, organize events, create graphics, learned to implement videography so I can create ads, promotions and trailers, I create print books, design and audition voice actors for my audiobooks, attend book fairs and signings, and spend a fortune on new computers, microphones, promotions, advertisements….the list goes on and on.

An author's career entails so mcuh more that meets the eye.

I don’t have the time or energy to do everything the career requires, let alone carve our time to actually write my books.

But, ultimately, I learned to simplify, and work smart as opposed to working non-stop. Which brings me back to my original quote. “It takes a village…” I’m fortunate to have a lot of social media friends and fans who not only inspire me to write more, but also help me to keep focused on what I do best. Casi’s Secret Circle Book Club, a Facebook street team of sorts keep me grounded. From throwing out prospective titles to behind the scenes insight into my wild imagination, my Secret Circle sparks my muse with suggestions, ideas, and character conflicts. They also help me promote my books and events by simply sharing my posts on their social media.

Join Casi McLean's Secret Circle Book Club on Facebook.

So, when I say it takes a village, I hope you understand my Secret Circle Book Club is my village, and I’m so fortunate to have such wonderful support. If you’re interested in becoming a member of my cherished village, check out CASI’S SECRET CIRCLE BOOK CLUB on Facebook, or shoot me an email: [email protected]. Hope to see you soon.

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