A mysterious sign that says welcome to Caitlin's MC Angels.
Love reading new mysteries, ghost tales, time slips, or romantic suspense?  What if you could read arcs of books before they’re published. If the idea sparks your interest, you just might qualify for my ARC Angels.
Every time I write a book, I send out arcs (copies of my unpublished manuscripts) to readers, reviewers, bloggers and fellow authors. You don’t need any previous arc reading experience, and you get some great perks, like an immediate invitation to join another secret group. More about that in a minute. What’s important is, I cherish each and every one of my ARC Angels! They not only read and review my books before I publish, they also give me a heads up if they see something that doesn’t flow in my storyline, and that’s a priceless gift. As you can see, these friends are truly angels, and to thank them, I open my backlist. Angels can request to read and review any of my previously published books––absolutely FREE. 

Another perk I offer to my Angels is immediate access to my Facebook Secret Circle Book Club, a select group of my friends who help me make the magic happen. From assisting me choose titles to behind the scenes insight into my wild imagination, my Secret Circle sparks my muse with suggestions, ideas, and character conflicts.This group also helps me promote my books and events by sharing posts on their social media.


If you’re interested in joining my ARC Angles, please click here and fill out the form. Your submission doesn’t guarantee an invitation to join my ARC Angels, because space is limited and preference is given to those who’ve already read, reviewed, and enjoyed previous releases. But even if you haven’t read my books in the past, you might be a perfect fit. So, don’t be timid about submitting an application.
If becoming an ARC Angel intrigues you, take a minute and check out  the ARC Angels Facebook Group. Becoming a part of my team is only a click away. After you complete your form, simply click submit, then wait for your personal invitation to join my ARC Angel Team.
Thanks so much for your interest. I hope to see you in the ARC Angels soon!


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