creating romantic lies
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He blames women for romantic lies men tell them and justifies the manipulation and deceit some men use to get sex. Every time I tried to bring up a rebuttal, he was demeaning, argumentative and aggressive. He truly believed he had all of the answers, and I held back my disbelief when he said he had spoken with some of the most prominent philosophical minds in the world and I was just like every other woman, unwilling to accept the obvious and deal with the facts.

I couldn’t help but wonder if some woman hurt him so much in his past that he created this fairly tale to cope. I asked him if he had ever been married.

“Once,’ he said, but I was 19 and I got a woman pregnant, so I had to get married. The marriage only lasted a few years.”

WHAT A SURPRISE! I can’t imagine any woman putting up with his attitude for very long. I was having trouble with a brief interview! I truly couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

He talked about how historically, men have always been superior. They were forced to protect women after impregnating them and the species would not have continued unless men had strayed and spread their seeds to multiple women. Yes, I’ve heard that theory before, but to date, I don’t think men have discovered a way to reproduce without the egg and womb … the seeds are virtually useless on their own.

Then there is a little thing called evolution. Historically, both sexes were hard wired as barbarians at one time, but our brains have evolved and we have learned that a civilized society works better with laws, mutual respect and monogamy, despite deviations to the contrary. Further more, modern homo sapiens possess the ability to control their urges, develop strength of character, integrity and honesty. I’m sorry, but male or female, it’s just not okay to deceive someone to get what you want … not in business, politics or relationships.

Well, there was one thing he said that made sense. Women DO need to become aware that there are a lot of men out there who manipulate and tell women what they want to hear in order to get sex. My advice … Use common sense, don’t get swept away by romance, listen to your instincts and don’t ignore red flags, because if he isn’t for real, the red flags WILL be there!

I still have a little more to say on this subject so I plan to post part 3 tomorrow … to be continued …



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