A Halloween Release––The List––Alyssa’s Revenge

The List––Alyssa's Revenge
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The price goes up after 🎃Halloween🎃
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Cartel, Corruption, and Chaos … Can a Ghost Tame Her Rage To Exact Revenge?

The List Is Decoded––The Traitor Revealed

And Alyssa Is Mad As Hell!

When her fiancé is injured in Afghanistan, Harper Drake immerses herself in the military. Now, as NCIS Director, she heads a secret faction, fighting corruption and terrorism—until she’s abducted by a trafficking cartel.

Wyatt Rose can’t overcome his loss—especially after his sister’s murder. When the New Patriots recruit him, he finds a traumatized girl that spirals him down a rabbit hole of conspiracy, drug smugglers, and slavery.

Obsessed with revenge, can a ghost save Wyatt and Harper before her rage explodes, or will she spin them all through the gates of Hell?

When Revenge Sparks Danger — Karma is Hell!

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