Whoever said you can’t judge a book by it’s cover didn’t live in the twenty-first century. Book covers drive sales. Media technology advances so fast, I can’t keep up with it, and book covers keep getting better and better. The competition to grab readers’ attention is fierce. As an author, I want to give readers a visual insight into my book, so they know what to expect when they read my books. That is why I hired an excellent cover designer with amazing talent for visualizing my story, and I absolutely love her.

Judge A Book by its Cover
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Before you open a book, don’t you inspect the cover?

That said, my first few books published through a traditional publisher, and I could only offer three image ideas. The publisher’s designer created his/her vision for my books. If I didn’t like the cover, I couldn’t change anything, and I couldn’t submit my own cover––even if I paid for a new cover myself. That’s the main reason I decided to self-pub.

But Self-Publishing Didn’t Come Easily.

The downside to self-publishing––I marketed and distributed my work with no help. I started from scratch, and I soon discovered marketing and distribution created a full-time job. Like any job, the learning curve required education, trial and error, money, and time…the time I needed to write. But I don’t regret taking the plunge into self-publishing. Now, I work with my own cover designer until I love each and every cover. Great covers inspire readers to seek more information, and they have to entice and deliver. Take a look at my Amazon Author page. 🛎  Are you enticed to read my books by my covers? And what about my website? Are you drawn in by the way I display my books?

Why You Should Judge A Book By Its Cover?

Here’s the point of this post. My readers know I write across genres, and they understand my stories include mystery, suspense, or thriller content, often with a time travel element, too. I mix those elements with romance, twists and turns to display my writing style at its best. Infusing those ingredients into my covers plays an important part in my marketing. Covers lure readers to pick up books, or lose readers before they even discover the storyline.

So, judge my books by the covers, and tell me which of my book covers you like best? Help me visual what you love by taking this poll, and PLEASE leave comments on my blog posts. I’m thrilled to hear from my readers, because YOU are my inspiration!!

Which Of My Covers Is YOUR Favorite



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