[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5bAs6OaLBA[/youtube]If you’ve ever scratched your head in wonderment as to how you ended up where you were, why you chose “players” and “jerks” to date and/or marry instead of your soul mate, you just might see your own reflection in this blog post. To all the girls who can identify, here’s some advice: You know you’re a jerk-magnet when you ignore the signs.

The real “jerks” are the “players.” They are narcissistic control freaks; pros at the art of romance and musicians have sung warnings about them for eons. Their twisted sense of entitlement transforms them into egotistical users.

Players are usually hot and sexy. They mesmerize us with their aura with candlelight dinners, soft music and sensual innuendo. They spin romantic webs, then whisk us off for lavish afternoons or exotic weekends. It’s so easy to get caught up, especially for vulnerable women. When we’re with them, we feel those strong arms around us and hear whispers of love. Finally someone appreciates us, wants and loves us. They suck us in and, once snared, we are blind to obvious warning signs. There are so many red flags, but here are a couple that we just can’t ignore.

One-date weekends top the list and there is always a valid excuse. If your guy is consistently busy, travels a lot, works weekends, hangs out with “guy friends” you’ve never met, or if he spends excessive time with his family without you, it’s a pretty good sign he’s not that into you. More than likely, you’re competing with at least one other woman. If you don’t get Friday or Saturday night, then wake up, Sweetie, you’re not even in the running!–The term booty call comes to mind.

There’s an unwritten rule in the mating ritual; the hottest hunks are usually trouble. If you think he is better looking, more charming, dignified, tasteful or more polished than anyone you’ve dated before, you will probably spend most of your time looking over your shoulder, waiting for someone else to catch his eye. Don’t be swept away by a handsome face or dreamy gestures.

A player can make you feel amazing when he’s with you. That’s part of his game, but if questions mount when he’s not by your side, that’s a huge red flag. If you ask him where he was, his modus operandi is to act hurt that you doubt him and make you feel childish or insecure. Don’t be surprised when you move further down his list or blind-sighted if you get dumped. A player only loves you when their playing is easy. If you complicate their agenda, they disappear from your life.

There are a lot of great guys who are real and honest. Don’t be swept away by the players. Those moments of feeling wonderful aren’t worth the price you’ll pay for them. The youtube video today is a cute, funny clip on more signs of a cheater. Enjoy . . .

Happy Father’s Day,



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