Reflections of a Broken Past
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Wingless Butterfly

Scheduled for Release Spring 2011

Her warning still echoed in Casi’s mind. He’s the kind of man that pulls wings off of butterflies. The faceless man had haunted her for as long as she could remember. She shuddered and clenched her eyes as tightly as she could, but the admonition refused to be silenced.

Was she a child born of rape, stolen away by her mother to escape the pedophiliac hands of her biological father, or abandoned by the one man in a child’s life who, by definition, should always provide a safe haven of unconditional love?  In any case, this faceless man had a dramatic influence on the course of her life.

Having had not one, but two husbands who were engaged to someone else while still married to her, reinforced the insecurity and lack of trust in not only men, but also herself. The discovery of a neighbor’s corpse triggered her struggle with anxiety attacks and infertility set in motion yet another obstacle to overcome.

In this inspiring manuscript, Casi’s unveils a story of hope that reaches out to any individual who has lost sight of their dreams. Her life journey through years of brokenness and ultimate healing provides inspiration to anyone in search of their own identity. Casi’s life-long love for writing aided in her healing process and her fresh approach and lyrical style will touch hearts for years to come. To read an excerpt of Wingless Butterfly click here:


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