[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OILpTwcqccE[/youtube]What I’m about to say does not pertain to the majority of the male population, and  it’s guys like this that make relationships difficult for everyone. I am a firm believer that there are a lot of women who are self-absorbed users as well, but I feel compelled to pass along this chauvinistic, narcissistic mentality to warn the unsuspecting females about men who actually believe this stuff. The things I suffer through to obtain real life research are sometimes above and beyond the call of duty.

Yesterday, I met with a man who honestly believed the garbage he spewed and I endured him for almost two hours. His philosophical point of view was that women are responsible for men lying to and using them. His theory was that because women forced their way into politics and can now vote, prostitutes have become illegal, rape has severe consequences and a women shut men down if they simply ask for sex. Consequently, men are forced to use deceitful tactics to get what they want from women. He added that because men are genetically hard wired to have sex with multiple partners, their testosterone is like a drug addicting them to sex, and the addiction is as strong as heroine or crystal meth. So, women should take responsibility for having forced men to become  “players.”  Honestly, this guy was for real!

I took a deep breath and said,

” Okay, so you’re telling me that if a “player”  lies, says he  loves someone, romances her and promises her a future, and then discards her when he tires of her … it is her fault because she believed him?” He said,

“YES! She needs to realize men have been forced to learn the only way to legally get what they want is to manipulate women and tell them what they want to hear. Women need to get over it.”

“And if he does this with multiple women at the same time, is it the women’s fault he is playing them?”

“Women need to take responsibility for their part and not get emotional or feel betrayed when a man tells them what he knows they want to hear in order to get what he wants.”

“What about a woman who was abused in her past and is vulnerable to someone saying all the right things … is it her fault for believing romantic lies?”

“I’m talking about the majority of women, not the exceptions, but, yes, she needs figure her past out and get over it.”

Maybe no one ever told this guy that you can’t always get what you want! But wait, there was more.

Want to hear it? Check my blog tomorrow …

To be continued …..



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