[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR1ujXx2p-I[/youtube]Wow, it’s December again. Christmas is in the air and the holiday hustle and bustle has begun. With the pressures of every day life, time can slip by so quickly. The year goes by in the blink of an eye . . . but where does the time go? If you filled up a bottle with colored marbles representing the time you spent each day, what would your bottle look like? How

much time is spent on frivolous minutia? Social media, Internet, television, entertainment? While it’s important to have down time, wasting the time of your life can add up to a lot of missed living.

And how about work? Most of us have to earn an income to pay our bills, but how much time is spent on chasing the all mighty dollar, fame or fortune? Workaholics spend their lives devoting their time to accomplishments; they are defined by what they do, not who they are! They get lost in material possessions, social recognition and fame, or the “high” they can get from involvement; but they often miss the deep bonds of  true love.

We all reap the benefits of what we devote our time to. My son Josh excelled in basketball and swimming because he threw himself into the sports, and Jace is pursuing his dreams by surrounding and submerging himself in entertainment and production. Our life reflects where our energy is spent. If I work out and eat healthy, I’ll see the results reflected in my body. When I focus on work, my bank account increases. If I just sit back and watch TV, surf the internet, or devote my time to hobbies or games, my health suffers and my world dwindles. Relationships, health, love or business––the things we neglect will shrivel and die.

If you accept that you are just not good at something, it’s probably because you don’t devote the time necessary to make it happen. We can accomplish most anything if we take the time to try. Henry Ford once said, “Whether you  believe you can or believe you can’t, you are absolutely right!” No truer words were ever spoken.

The best way to enjoy a full life is through balance. So think about it . . . What would your marble jar look like? If you truly want something, make it happen . . . but let this season remind you, the greatest of all gifts is love. So when you follow your dreams, don’t forget to take time to focus on the love in your life!!



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