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Most of us have seen a scary movie. The adrenalin surge evoked when the light glows off of the sharp knife in the background or when the figure lurking in the shadows springs out at it’s victim is the same feeling we get in life circumstances. Fear is a natural response to a scary stimuli and it doesn’t matter whether it’s real or perceived. The adrenalin is real and it is a source of stress on our bodies.

I’m not advocating avoiding scary movies, fun and laughter is definitely healthy, but most people don’t realize that there is good stress as well as bad stress. In small doses it motivates us and helps our performance. Your body can’t distinguish between good and bad stress or physical and emotional threats. Whether you just had an argument, are stuck in traffic, worried about bills, lost your job, or planning a wedding, your body reacts. When you’re constantly on overload, it can all add up to a potential health problem that effects your mind and body.

When you perceive a threat, the bodies nervous system releases a flow of adrenalin and cortisol hormones to prepare your body for an emergency. Your heart beats faster, blood pressure rises, you breathe more quickly and your muscles tighten. Your body creates additional strength and stamina, enhances focus and reaction time to protect you and deal with emanate danger. Long term stress suppresses your immune system, and has been linked to almost every major illness as well as anxiety and depression. It’s important to know how to reduce it’s effects and bring your body back in balance.

Learn how to manage stress. Fear, anger, grief  — our emotions are the driving force that guide our thoughts and behavior. The are attached to our memories and help develop our frame of reference that guides all of our choices and decisions. Take charge of your thoughts, emotions and the way you handle problems.

Look at your schedule and environment. Change stressful situations when you can, and your reaction when you can’t, and take care of yourself. Be sure you have proper nutrition, exercise, rest and relaxation. Strengthen your relationships. A strong support system is the best way to keep life pressures at bay.

And learn how to relax to decrease anxiety. Deep breathing, biofeedback, yoga or meditation. Find what works best for you. Investment in your emotional health will increas your resiliance and help you bounce back from stress and adversity.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! — Have a great weekend,



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