[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuDz8uMIN1Q[/youtube]Point.Click.Shoot, Atlanta’s own cutting-edge multimedia production company’s hot new Internet show, “REELING IN THE STARS” interviews author Casi McLean. Host, Anastasia Bartolucci talks with Casi about her popular blog site and new book, Wingless Butterfly—Confessions of a Recovering Jerk-Magnet which is scheduled to be released next spring.

This is the first interview in the podcast series. Casi will appear on “REELING IN THE STARS” for the next few weeks to discuss her manuscript—the chronicle of a disheartened 42-year-old woman’s struggle to cope with the abandonment of her biological father, and her lifelong journey to unravel her past to find self-worth and true love. The memoir, written through two time lines that converge at the end the story, parallels Casi search for her biological father in the present time line, with her journal entries that catapult her thoughts back to the anguish of her past. The two quests work in unison to uncover secrets and lies that hold her self-image captive in psycological bondage to jerks who use and abuse her.

This saga is unique to the author but, at the same time, has common threads that unite us all in our search for love, acceptance and meaning in our lives. It is a manuscript that will ring true to anyone who has ever been hurt, betrayed, abandoned or rejected, resonating to the more than 82 million single adults in America alone. Watch “REELING IN THE STARS” for this exciting new podcast series.


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