Don't get in over your head!
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Toxic relationships can take you down, so don’t get in over your head! I have received a lot of emails from people telling me about their own experiences. It’s funny how the picture seems so clear from the outside looking in, but there is a kind of smoke screen when your in the middle of it. I am not here to judge, because I have screwed up more times than I want to admit, but the purpose of my blog is to create a sort of support system for jerk-magnets so read on and remember, we’ve all been there before. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Sara told me that about 6 months into her relationship, her boyfriend began to ask her to park her car in his garage. His excuse was her car was newer than his and he wanted to protect it from the weather. ( BTW … It was summer) It made her feel like he was hiding her car out of sight. RED FLAG, Sara. She was right to feel that way, and if she had acted on her suspicions, she would have gotten out of her toxic relationship a lot sooner.

Bill said he went to his girlfriends home and, on a few occasions, he noticed the pictures of the two of them had been put away. He didn’t confront her and the pictures had reappeared the next time he came over. RED FLAG, Bill! Why would she put the pictures away unless she was hiding them from someone else?

After a year and a half of dating, Kelly found her boyfriend on an internet dating site. His excuse was, ” it was just internet entertainment. I never acted on it. I just travel so much and you aren’t there so I get bored.”  Are you kidding me? Kelly … MAJOR RED FLAG!

Paige was helping her boyfriend move and when she was emptying the dishwasher to pack it’s contents, there were several unwashed coffee cups with red lipstick marks. Paige wore only pink lipstick when she wore any at all. Her boyfriend said it had to be his mother’s or sister’s, but he had been out of town, or so he had said, for the last few weeks and his mother or sister had not visited for several months. Can you say, RED FLAG?

Why do we want to believe these jerks? Got to run, but I’ll post more stories later.



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