[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtu9RXeYSLU&feature=related[/youtube]We’ve all been hurt in the past. Some by a parent’s abuse or abandonment, some by peers taunting and teasing, some by relationships — betrayal, cheating, life traumas or death. It’s human nature to fear rejection and loss and its not easy to forget the painful moments we’ve experienced, but we can have a happy present and future if we don’t

drag our baggage with us where ever we go — especially on a first date. Projecting our agenda on an innocent encounter is the kiss of death to a potential connection.

So how do we avoid dragging our stuff with us? We just meet … see if there is anything in common to talk about. If there is, and we begin to feel a connection, we’ll know if there is chemistry. The fun and excitement of building new relationships is enjoying the ride — not the final destination. Too many people clutter their days with their past “stuff” and miss out on the “good stuff!”

The key to dating is to enjoy who you’re with — just see where it goes. Spontaneity and passion energize relationships and mystery and unpredictability fuel the fire. Don’t search for a life commitment or a promise of a future or look at each “candidate” through the eyes of past experiences. Everyone has an idea of what they want and we try to set a path toward that destiny, but we can’t control what life throws our way.  All we can do is enjoy the ‘now’ we have.

No one knows how long or brief relationships may last, but no matter what the future holds, it’s how much we laugh, love and touch the lives of others that truly matters in life. Don’t dwell on where a relationship is going. Instead, learn to enjoy the moments. Relationships are the best part of life! When two people with same mindset enjoy fun, laughter, spontaneity and passion — when they can share their problems and trust each other, they have a miracle that should be nurtured … Whether it is for a moment in time or a lifetime.

The bottom line is, don’t miss out on the “good stuff.” Relationships can ignite your soul and keep it alive. Enjoy Barbara’s video and remember your good times and let the bad times slip into faded memories. We never know how much time we have, but each day counts. Spend your time laughing, loving and living life to the fullest.


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