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I was at a party saturday night and was approached by a very attractive man. To filter out the blatant players I’ve found it is best to use honesty, so after fifteen minutes of idle chit-chat, I asked him his views on monogamy. He began a litany of excuses as to why a man is genetically “hard-wired” through evolution to procreate while women, as child-rearing homemakers are monogamous. I know it’s hard to swallow girls, but let’s face it, his theory has been floating around for years. I held back my urge to gag and simply smiled while he continued. He insisted men aren’t cheating, but merely satisfying their innate urges, so one-night-stands or affairs have nothing to do with their “committed” relationships. “And what if a woman cheats?” I inquired, trying desperately to keep a straight face. He had all the answers. He said when women cheat, they’re searching for a new relationship.

My reply was simple. Modern men, and women for that matter, have a much more evolved brain than the cavemen and hopefully have the ability to show self-restraint. Are we to really believe modern men are genetically predisposed to hunt and gather new women? Pleeease spare me!!! Needless to say, I crossed him off of my dating list, but he got me thinking.

Finding someone you are attracted to is easy.  Chemistry and lust are as primal as it gets.  The creator’s genius was at its best when he made it feel so incredible to carry on the species, but love, that’s another story. Love requires patience and trust, honesty, communication, and self-restraint. There are more women cheating today than ever before so it stands to reason that social pressures have caused women to suppress their urges in the past. How many times do we hear the same lame excuses regarding why people, men or women, cheat? Search the internet and you’ll come up with pages of them. She doesn’t look or act the way she used to … He doesn’t understand me … She always looks for what I do wrong and never sees what I do right … the thrill is gone … I was seduced … low self-esteem … I was bored … Victim, victim, victim! Why can’t people just admit to the truth, our society encourages sexual freedom and self-indulgence. Cheating is self-gratification at it’s best! There will always be temptations, but if you are lucky enough to find someone who fits your dreams, you have to have enough strength of character to walk away from enticement.


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