The making of my trailer was a lot of work, but totally fun too, and like a movie, we had tons of bloopers. Jon posted a blog yesterday with one of them so I wanted to share it with you. You can’t really see what actually happened, but the lighting hit Drew Gibadlo, the male actor, on the head as he kneeled to propose.
If you haven’t seen the real trailer yet, I hope you take the two minutes to watch it. I’ve copied Jon’s new blog post below or  for the real thing, just click here:  Now Playing – “Wingless Butterfly” – The Book Trailer

After 3 months of production, we’ve finally launched the Book Trailer for Casi Mclean’s emotionally uplifting novel, Wingless Butterfly!

The post production itself took place in Final Cut Studio and a bit of After Effects were also sprinkled into the mix, making the workflow for Wingless Butterfly quite intricate. For voiceovers, I spent an entire afternoon over at Downstairs Studios with owner,Drew Gibadlo, and Casi capturing vocal quips to progress the trailer’s storyline. We had a pretty good time capturing madness on the mic, while facebooking, tweeting, and retweeting the tweets from… or… wait… what??

As you can imagine, this production was more fun behind the scenes than the trailer even begins to express. Janine, Trey, and the rest of the cast did a phenomenal job portraying a world of insecurities seen through the eyes of each character. There was a LOT that we cut out… but again, that goes back to my earlier blog on how making a book trailer is like placing a steak in front of a dog and expecting him not to eat it.

On a sidenote, no one was induced with true feelings of depression during the making of this production. Also, I DON’T beat my actors to get emotion out of them… let’s clear that rumor up right now.  😉

To get your copy of the upcoming novel, “Wingless Butterfly”, visit your local bookstore, check out, or ask Casi Mclean herself for a copy. Also, make sure to visit, for more info.





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