[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUOkBvxSoHw[/youtube]I’ve spent a lot of time warning women about players and jerks, but men can fall victim to predators too. Wolves disguised as sheep, evil divas prey on vulnerable men, typically targeting the affluent––lonely executives, widowers and seniors. While the agenda of most male players is usually sexual and motivated by self gratification; their female counterparts are more often enticed by wealth, security and social status. They lure victims into their web of deception with an innocent facade––but their venom is toxic.

Some target their prey for luxury. They thrive on expensive gifts, lavish dining and exotic travel. When their cash cow dries up, they simply move on. The more dangerous of the species go right for the jugular. Like Black Widows, they mate and destroy! These gold-diggers are parasites whose soul intent is to gain control of their target’s financial assets. A lifetime of hard work can be syphoned away in a heartbeat. Male or female, we can all be sucked in by insincere people, especially when we are vulnerable. Everyone gets hurt from time to time, but playing the victim keeps us from healing our wounds––and open wounds invite infection.

Not only that, it’s impossible to live your life fully or pursue your dreams when you’re stuck in the past––or a toxic relationship. There’s a whole new world out there just waiting for you to open the door, so take a sabbatical and figure out what YOU truly want. That dream doesn’t depend on any other person but you. Focus on your life, and real love may just show up when you least expect it.

True love is the greatest gift life has to offer, but you’ll never find it if you are stuck in a revolving door of insincere relationships. Don’t sell yourself short. Expect the best and never settle for anything less than your heart’s desire. When you think you may have found the right one for you, the best way to protect yourself is to take time to let the relationship grow. A jerk, player or evil diva can’t disguise themselves forever so, in the words of Percy Sledge, “Take time to know her, it’s not an over night thing.”

Have a wonderful weekend, and look for my final interview with “Reeling In The Stars” next week.



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