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Okay, so I wasn’t actually attacked, but I did get a black eye, so I might as well have a little fun with it. Don’t worry, I wasn’t abused, just in the wrong place at the right time! I think a lot of people can identify with that. They may or may not get a black eye, but they can be hurt. I always thought Goldie, Bette and Diane had an awesome idea in the First Wives Club. Maybe I should start the first internet Multiple Jerks Club. United we stand … and all that.

The more I talk about my unfortunate choices and all out blunders, I can see there are so many people in the same situation. Its always hard to walk out of a relationship. It becomes a kind of sadistic comfort zone. Face it, change is hard and scary, even if its good change, but I can’t expect to find a great relationship when I’m stuck in a bad one.

Besides, its kinda cool to find out that I’m okay just by myself. Who would of thought??? I’m learning to laugh at myself and learn from my mistakes. Oh sure, when  a relationship crashes and burns, especially if I fell really hard, it takes a week or two to work through the loss. Its funny though, when I look back at the whole connection, I inevitably find traits he had that I really didn’t want in a man.

I’m getting some great jerk stories.  I think I’ll write a book!



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