[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAe38PQywuQ[/youtube]My Christmas message to all of my friends–– Never give up on love! There are many kinds of love; unconditional love of a child, unrelenting love for a parent, magical enchantment of new love, the constant love of real friends, and the most precious of all, fulfilled contentment of reciprocated love. Love alters our lives.

Sometimes love is lost. When death steals its mark, the grief of lost love wreaks havoc on those left behind. Sometimes love just fades and sometimes it was only a fantasy from the start. Love can define us, energize us and destroy us.

Quotes about love seem endless. Love has been found in poetry, prose  and lyrics since the beginning of written history and the emotion has unleashed more impact than any other word known to man. From the words of the Bible to the core of rock and roll, it makes its mark on mankind.

Love is the essence of life. Without it, the hollowness in our hearts can shrivel our very souls, but to have love, gives true meaning to our lives. Real love, like God, is sacrificial, pure and eternal. It is never self-gratifying or egotistical.

Shakespeare once said, “Love is blind,”  and I, for one, have lived that illusion. Unrequited love is the cruelest love of all. When we give our heart to someone and the love is not returned, we fall victim and can walk wounded, endlessly through life.

Christmas has been called the season of love. A time when thoughts turn focus from normal routines of daily adgena to a kinder and gentler humanity; when tempers calm and aggression yields to generosity. At Christmas, the warmth of the human spirit radiates its glow throughout the world. The homeless are given shelter and the hungry are fed, tots get toys, but the loveless go unnoticed. Their plight invisible, they slip through the cracks, fade into the crowds.

In this season of love, reach out to your friends, but remember the lonely, the loveless. It’s a hard season to bear when you see love all around you, but feel empty inside, worthless, rejected, abandoned or unlovable. The loveless suffer in silence. If you feel devoid of love, you don’t have to look very far to find someone less fortunate than you. Reach out and touch a heart. It just might rekindle a spark to ignite the glow suffocating within your soul.

Give thanks to GOD for everything you have, but most of all give thanks for love, the ability to give and receive the greatest gift. If you love someone, show them how you feel with everything you are! Take a chance and open your heart to the greatest gift the world has to offer.




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