Come See Me At The Decatur Book Festival

Hey Everyone. I just want to remind all of my blog fans to come see me this weekend at the Decatur Book Festival. My book will be on sale at the Emerging Author’s section all weekend! And I’ll be there live to speak and sign books on Sunday at 3:30pm.

Decatur Book Festival is one of the biggest book festivals in the country! Come join me at this multi-day event that features 14 stages packed with authors, live music, poetry readings, panel discussions, signings, cooking demonstrations and much more.

Children will be entertained with authors and illustrators, a parade and field trips and games/activities, and teens have some fabulous activities too. There is live music and poetry, cooking demonstrations, the Southern Foodways Alliance Sunday Picnic, and lots of awards. The Rare and Collectible Book Fair, and a Writers’ Conference are all part of it too. Plus, the downtown square is filled with food vendors, a wine garden and plenty of other culinary establishments. It’s the event of the year, so if you don’t have plans yet for the Labor Day weekend, come join in the fun.

I WILL BE SPEAKING ON SUNDAY AT 3:30PM ON THE EMERGING AUTHOR’S STAGE WITH A BOOK SIGNING IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS, and the rest of the time you’ll probably see me throughout the festival mingling with the other author’s and enjoying the festivities! Hope to see you all there!!



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The Secret To Overcoming Chemistry Addiction

Well Jake, you’re right, you would definitely qualify for jerk status, but kudos to you for identifying the pattern as well as for your desire to break it. Maybe I can help. Having been a jerk-aholic for the majority of my life––the flip-side of your coin. If you want proof, just check Amazon and read about my new book, Wingless Butterfly: Confessions Of A Recovering Jerk-Magnet––and I’m pretty sure my book trailer  would resonate. (If you’re not following what I’m talking about, read my last blog post.)

Before I proceed, a caveat to my women readers: Jake’s article is a glimpse into the male mind and is typical of the way some men think. This article should be a wake-up call, so be aware that sometimes romance can have an agenda. And to my men readers, there is a flip-side to that coin too, more than enough for a whole new blog. But today I’ll focus on Jake and my open letter to him.


Dear Jake,

The symptoms you have are classic patterns, so don’t feel like your affliction is rare. In fact chemistry addiction seems to thrive in epidemic proportions throughout the country and it infects females as well as males. We live in a ‘visual’ and ‘disposable’ society––one that advocates Read more “The Secret To Overcoming Chemistry Addiction”

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Proof: Chemistry Is Addictive!

I posted a rant yesterday about some questionable ‘expert’ relationship advice floating around the Internet and posed the question, “Is chemistry addictive.” My own opinion is an unequivocal “yes!” I can’t help but wonder what agenda the author I referred to in yesterday’s post had in mind as he penned his dating criteria, but it sparked my interest enough to do some research on my own. While there was certainly no lack of opinions, one in particular struck me. The author writes Glamour Magazine’s male dating column, Ask Jake and, though having read his last post I would probably not agree with his approach, he writes beautifully and I admire him for his candid honesty identifying his own toxic patterns––so much so that I’ve decided to take two days to not only share his post but also add my own two cents and hopefully yours as well.


This video discusses commitment-phobs, male and female, and some views about the issue. While it’s interesting, I have a unique spin on the topic. Today I’ll share Jake’s article and I’d love to hear your comments Read more “Proof: Chemistry Is Addictive!”

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Wingless Butterfly Lands In Greece

I received an email a few days ago that touched me like none I had ever received before. It was from a woman who lives in Greece. Now I don’t know where all of you live, but Greece is literally on the other side of the world from me. I was so moved that she would take the time to write to me about the impact my book, Wingless Butterfly, had on her––and I hope she realizes that she and others like her are truly my inspiration!!


‘The Butterfly Effect’ and ‘The Starfish Story’ appear in my book, and if the message hasn’t reached your eyes––or heart yet, you’ll Read more “Wingless Butterfly Lands In Greece”

Top 5 Reasons Relationships fail

You know how great it feels when you enter into a new relationship? It’s like you’re on a high––the world suddenly glows through rose-colored glasses and you feel an energy that’s exhilarating. When chemistry clicks, the tendrils of love lure you into a fantasy world and you think maybe––just maybe you’ve found your soul mate. So what happens down the road to mess things up? How could love so right turn out to be so wrong? Sound familiar?


Well, for those who’ve already read Wingless Butterfly, you know I’ve had a lot of experience with love gone wrong, but the good news is I’ve learned from my mistakes! Over the next few weeks, I’m going to fill you in on the top 5 reasons relationships fail. You Read more “Top 5 Reasons Relationships fail”

Dale’s Challenge & Patty’s Post

This blog post is an expression of special thanks to my wonderful and creative friends. So many of you have asked me what you can do to help me promote Wingless Butterfly, and honestly, marketing is a whole new world for me. I’m trying to learn and think outside the box, but my friends are coming up with some fabulous ideas. Obviously they are more creative than me, ingenious and truly amazing too, for taking the time and effort to encourage their friends to read my book! Dale and Patty were the first to come up with some great ideas. Dale has been a great friend since high school, and she posted a challenge on Facebook to all of her friends and attached a link to my book trailer to it. This is what it said:
Hey Facebook Friends — I want to see how many of you read this book and figure out which character I am! Casi did not use our real names. Whoever figures it out first gets taken to lunch by me!

She has gotten a page of comments on Read more “Dale’s Challenge & Patty’s Post”


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