Do You Dare To Live Your Dreams?

How I discovered my passion and learned to live my dreams––

A USA Today Bestselling Author

Are you living your dreams? Do you know your passion? The pursuit of happiness drives most of our decisions. People search for happiness in relationships, jobs, our homes and careers. We end things hoping to find happiness, too, through divorce, career changes, and moving away. We even buy things to make us happy. Don’t settle for less than a step toward your dream, or the change will fade like the smell of a new car. When you live what you love, your passion feeds your spirit.

Unmasking your passion can change your life. Some say fantasy is for children. I see it as magical. Imagination is a powerful gift. Remember the dreams of childhood? In those days, I dreamed of castles and kings. I could be a princess, a pirate, or anything my heart desired — but life dims the fantasy of youth.

T o see life through the eyes of a child is exhilarating — chasing dreams like elusive butterflies. Everyone has the power within them to change their destiny…to use what they’ve learned to propel them toward their dreams. Perhaps all we need is to look through the eyes of our inner child, remember our dreams, and do what we love.

How do I know? Because I found my passion through writing. I live my dreams. And YOU can too. Whether you’d love to be an author or have a different dream, learn from those who’ve walked the path before you. Inspiration changes lives, and though most of my work is fiction, I tuck snippets of inspiration between the pages of every story. Discover the magic…subscribe to my newsletter by clicking this link: Subscribe Now

Only you can make your dreams come true. If you want to be an author, listen and learn from award-winning and bestselling authors. To help you along, I compiled these author secrets from fifty best selling, successful authors. Like whispers from your friends, these authors share countless years of writing expertise. If your dream is to be an author, download this e-book for fifty free author success secrets from some of my bestselling and award-winning author friends.

Read our work. Discover our secrets and live your own dreams. Hold onto our coattails as we guide you through our favorite tips, hacks, ideas, marketing tools and advice — and contact links to find us. If you want to be an author, this is the one book you really need.

Sounds interesting, but what if YOU dream of becoming a rock star, a sportscastor, or movie star? I say, dream big. You’re never too old to live your dreams––simply create your own version of your dream. As an author, I know first hand how it feels to work hard every day with little return…wishing and hoping someone would see my awesome my 5-star reviews and spread the word! But wishing and hoping doesn’t work.

Regardless of what field you choose, success is rarely easy…and it’s frustrating to see how easily some people hit a home run on their first at-bat. The life you desire won’t fall into your lap. But if you’re tired of pedalling like hell on a stationary bicycle, STOP! Get off that endless cycle! The secret to success is within your grasp, and the first step is believing in yourself.

If you want to know more, read my story:

 Wingless Butterfly––Healing The Broken Child Within.


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