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"In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit." Albert Schweitzer ~ I hope my site sparks your inner fire.

Survivie Your Past ~ Live Your Dreams

Survivie Your Past ~ Live Your Dreams Childhood dreams filled with castles and kings saw a magical future that swept me away to my happily ever after. But when passion seen through the eyes of a child tatters, how can the wingless butterfly take flight? I hid in the shadows of damaged self-worth. Battered by the bully I saw in the mirror, I wrapped my life around others searching for validation. But after decades of unraveling secrets in my past, I now know two things for sure: You can live your dreams. And happiness is a choice. You can't move forward with one foot stuck in the past. Be a survivor. To see Wingless Butterfly TRAILER, click Read More below...

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Visit ABA ~ Authors Bare All

Visit ABA ~ Authors Bare All AUTHORS BARE ALL–– where published authors share intimate secrets about life, love, dreams, and in-your-face character analysis. Come talk with us, ask questions, make comments and get to know your favorite authors. Just CLICK Read More below:

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Newest Release: Beneath The Lake ~ Amazon 5-star Read

Newest Release: Beneath The Lake ~ Amazon 5-star Read A ghost town submerged beneath Atlanta's famous man-made Lake Lanier reportedly lures victims to a watery grave. But when Lacey Montgomery's car spins out of control and hurtles into the depths of the icy water, she awakens in the arms of a stranger, in a town she's never heard of––34 years before she was born. When the 2012 lawyer tangles with the 1949 hunk, fire and ice swirl into a stream of sweltering desire. Bobby Reynolds is smitten the moment the storm-ravaged woman opens her eyes and, despite adamant protest, Lacey falls in love with a town destined for extinction, and the man who vows to save his legacy. Threatened by a nefarious stalker, the wrath of bootleggers, and twists of fate, Lacey must find the key to the mysterious portal before time rips them apart, or their star-crossed spirits will wander forever through a ghost town buried beneath the lake. To see a PREVIEW, click Read More below...

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