My publisher at Aberdeen Bay says the best things in life are worth waiting for. Some people don’t believe that, but I have to say I’ve found it to be true. I think everything happens for a reason but, for me, patience has never come easily. Ha, my mom used to tell me that patience was a virtue and she got pretty upset when I stomped off saying, “Then I guess I’m just not very virtuous.” I’ve been so excited for my book to actually be released, that it’s been difficult to sit back and wait for the step by step process to play out. Those of you who know me personally can testify that I’m pretty high energy, so instead of simply waiting anxiously, I decided to focus on something a lot more fun.


For the last 3 weeks I have been working on my book trailer with Acosta Production’s CEO, Jon Acosta and Downstairs Studio’s Owner and Chief Audio Engineer, Drew Gibadlo. These guys are creative geniuses and though exhausting, the process has been so much fun it can hardly be called work. While my book still has a few days before the actual release—I’m anticipating some time between May 25 and May 31—my trailer is done and ready to fly. The video is like a movie trailer for my upcoming book. It was launched a few minutes ago on YouTube and I want all of you to be the first to see it.

For those of you who still have no idea of what my book is actually about, here is the synopsis from the back cover:

A powerful memoir, Wingless Butterfly—Confessions of a Recovering Jerk-Magnet, unveils a true story of hope and inspiration. In her compelling manuscript, Casi McLean uncovers an elusive secret past—and changes her future. Her mother’s ominous warning about her mysterious birth father haunts her: “He’s the kind of man who pulls wings off of butterflies.” Eerie dreams of a faceless man combine with repeated failed relationships to propel her through a portal in time on the roller coaster ride of her life. When she stumbles upon sinister secrets, Casi confronts dark shadows lurking in her soul that hold her captive in psychological bondage. As the mystery of her mother’s metaphor unravels, she realizes that to save her future, she must find the power to destroy the wall of fear, betrayal and deception that looms large and foreboding over her life.

I hope you enjoy my trailer, and please be sure to look for Wingless Butterfly at your local book stores or on Amazon. The book will be $16.95 and will be available in print and e-book. If you’d like a signed copy, just send an email to Send your name, address, and don’t forget to tell me who the book is for. Be sure to put BOOK ORDER in the subject field.

Again, thanks so much to all of you for your unending support and patience!


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