One discovers that destiny can be diverted, that one does not have to remain in bondage to the first wax imprint made on childhood sensibilities. Once the deforming mirror has been smashed, there is a possibility of wholeness. There is a possibility of joy.
~Anais Nin


Who is Casi McLean?


If you surf the Internet, you’ll see a lot of sites telling you all about me and my books…generally known information typically posted about authors, like: USA Today and Amazon Best Selling Author, Casi McLean, pens novels to stir the soul with romantic suspense, mystery, time slips, and supernatural thrillers with a sprinkle of magic. Her writing crosses genres from ethereal, captivating shorts with eerie twist endings to believable time slips, mystical plots, and sensual romantic suspense.


Known for enchanting stories with magical description, McLean entices readers with fascinating hooks to hold them captive in storylines they can’t put down. Her romance entwines strong, believable heroines with delicious, hot heroes to tempt the deepest desires, then fans the flames, sweeping readers into their innermost romantic fantasies.

With suspenseful settings and lovable characters you’ll devour, you’ll see, hear, and feel the magical eeriness of one fateful night. You’ll swear time travel could happen, be mystified by other worldly images, and feel the heat of romantic suspense, but most of all you’ll want more.

––That information is all accurate. I’ll take all the book publicity I can get and I’m happy my stories generate those wonderful attributes…
BUT, WHAT MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW is my life was not always filled with sugar and spice. My childhood was steeped in secrets and lies, especially after my mother cautioned me about my biological father. For years the warning haunted me.

 “You don’t want to know him. He’s the kind of man who pulls wings off of butterflies.”

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The belief my biological father deserted me left a scar on my psyche––and caused a hella-bad self image through high school, college, and most of my adult life. I lived in a constant state of chronic stress and anxiety…until I uncovered the mystery lurking in my past…a mystery that changed everything.

M y first published book, Wingless Butterfly, tells the story of a broken child shared like whispers to her best friend. That story evolved from my own life-long struggle to find love, validation, and self-worth. Finding the truth transformed my belief system, which helped me follow my heart and live my dreams. The transformation made me uniquely qualified to guide others toward recovery using simple secrets I discovered that changed my life.

See Casi play her older self in this unique book trailer for “Wingless Butterfly: Healing The Broken Child Within”

Intimate stories linger within each of us, unique sagas that are ours alone with all our twists, turns, hopes, and dreams. As different as each individual is, we all love, hurt, and bleed the same. It is the distinctiveness of our past experiences that develops who we become. So, why do some people thrive––dismissing negative messages they absorbed through childhood––while others splinter?

I don’t know that answer, but I believe the real question is, “can people change despite a jagged or broken past?” And, if so, is it possible to erase a lifetime of fractured beliefs?

The answer…a resounding YES. Having survived a poor self image seared into my psyche for far too many years, I re-programed my thought pattern to reflect what I leaned was the truth.

The most important take-away I discovered throughout my life was perspective is reality. When I shattered the broken reflection in the mirror of my past, I finally healed and was able to follow my dreams.


I love writing fiction, but the non-fiction I weave into all my stories plants a seed of hope and inspiration for my readers. My goal––my brand––is Discover The Magic and Dare To Dream. And my hope is to steer others, toward their own passion. Check out my books on my Amazon Author Page.

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Do You Dare To Live Your Dreams?

Also, my memoir, Wingless Butterfly: Healing The Broken Child Within describes my jagged journey told in my own voice “like whispers-from-a-friend.” I’d love for you to take a look at my story.

If you read one of my books, I hope you love it and can take away a bit of inspiration for your own life. And by the way, if you love my stories, I’d be honored if you would leave a brief Amazon review. Reviews are the lifeblood of an author’s career and I cherish every one!



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