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Can You Make a Difference?


To a Child – Love is spelled T-I-M-E: What a great story! You never know just how much you touch the lives of those around you. I have heard people say over and over again that one man … or woman … can’t really make a difference. I’ve probably even said it on occasion myself, but I believe … YOU can make a difference and touch the lives of others, and in the process, you will enrich your own life.

In today’s society and busy world, it is unusual Read more “Can You Make a Difference?”

Wingless Butterfly

Wingless ButterflyWingless Butterfly


Chapter 1

Her warning still echoed in my mind. He’s the kind of man that pulls wings off of butterflies. The faceless man had haunted me for as long as I could remember. I shuddered and clenched my eyes as tightly as I could, but the admonition refused to be silenced.  Read more “Wingless Butterfly”

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Why Are Women Attracted To Jerks?

Here's to finding the love of your lifeI went out on YouTube the other day and searched for “dating jerks.” I was truly amazed at how many videos were out there. The most common question was “Why are women attracted to jerks?” In light of my research, I thought I would answer the question with my own spin on things. My expertise is derived totally from my own experiences and observations, but the answer is crystal clear.

I want to address the male jerks who are primarily “Players.” Why do we fall for them? Simple … They are Read more “Why Are Women Attracted To Jerks?”

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Lethal Lovers * Part 2

Don't get in over your head!Toxic relationships can take you down, so don’t get in over your head! I have received a lot of emails from people telling me about their own experiences. It’s funny how the picture seems so clear from the outside looking in, but there is a kind of smoke screen when your in the middle of it. I am not here to judge, because I have screwed up more times than I want to admit, but the purpose of my blog is to create a sort of support system for jerk-magnets so read on and remember, we’ve all been there before. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Sara told me that about 6 months into her relationship, her boyfriend began to ask her to park her car in his garage. His excuse was Read more “Lethal Lovers * Part 2”

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Yes, It Was Awful—Now Please Shut Up * Part…

Walking in the Weeds

This has been such a great series and I couldn’t wait another day to let you read the rest of it. When I first realized my self-image was trashed, it was hard to find my way out of the weeds. I couldn’t find my footing and everywhere I turned, I couldn’t see the path in front of me. My decisions had always lead me in the wrong direction before and it was hard to change that habit. I just had to trust myself and move forward.

In this last section of Martha’s post, she talks about taking baby steps. Take it from me, it’s not easy, but the outcome is so worth the effort! I was like a modern day Rip Van Winkle. I slept through a lot of my life … I went through the motions and wasted so much time! I just want to shout out, “WAKE UP PEOPLE!” You can follow your dreams!  The great thing about dreams is they don’t expire!  They can lay dormant for years and when you pull them out and dust them off, they shine like new!!!  I really Read more “Yes, It Was Awful—Now Please Shut Up * Part 4”

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Lethal Lovers * Part 1

The red flags say danger!

The last guy I dated was a lethal lover. In hind sight, I can see so many red flags, but I explained them all away. I made up more excuses for him than he did. The truth is, I loved loving him and I wanted the feelings to last. He seemed to be everything I had always wanted, but the reality was, he had romance down to a science. He knew the right things to say and do to capture my heart. I saw the signs and I convinced myself Read more “Lethal Lovers * Part 1”

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Yes, It Was Awful—Now Please Shut Up * Part…

New Beginnings

I love this picture! He is standing on top of the world and taking in everything. The picture reminds me of the first time I realized I really wasn’t who I had believed I was throughout my entire life. I felt a kind of freedom I had never experienced before.

I struggled most of my life because I had twisted what happened in my past into my self-image. I think a lot of people do that. They program themselves like you program a computer. It took me a long time to discover that what happens to me does not define who I am at my core. When it finally hit me, it was like a bolt of lightning, but Read more “Yes, It Was Awful—Now Please Shut Up * Part 3”

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Cheating-Stop the Excuses!!!

honestyI was at a party saturday night and was approached by a very attractive man. To filter out the blatant players I’ve found it is best to use honesty, so after fifteen minutes of idle chit-chat, I asked him his views on monogamy. He began a litany of excuses as to why a man is genetically “hard-wired” through evolution to procreate while women, as child-rearing homemakers are monogamous. I know it’s hard to swallow girls, but let’s face it, Read more “Cheating-Stop the Excuses!!!”

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Yes, It Was Awful—Now Please Shut Up * Part…

At the BottomI have a friend who is such a great guy, but he lives in the pain of his past. I wrote a full chapter of my book about him. He truly believes he can’t have a normal relationship because of the anger he harbors inside, and … He’s right! Like Henry Ford said,“Whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can’t, you’re absolutely right.” Henry, though not a therapist, was a brilliant man and right on the money! I found out first hand, what you believe determines how you live your life.

For years, I couldn’t understand why my “magnetic personality” was drawn to jerks or why Read more “Yes, It Was Awful—Now Please Shut Up * Part 2”

Wingless Butterfly

Reflections of a Broken PastWingless Butterfly

Scheduled for Release Spring 2011

Her warning still echoed in Casi’s mind. He’s the kind of man that pulls wings off of butterflies. The faceless man had haunted her for as long as she could remember. She shuddered and clenched her eyes as tightly as she could, but the admonition refused to be silenced. Read more “Wingless Butterfly”


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