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Do You Know the Biggest Mistake You Can Make…

true love?Some say that speakers and writers espouse wisdom on the very topic they need most and I have to admit they are probably right — at least in my case. I feel so passionate about the things I pass on to you because I have struggled with them myself and still do to some extent. I do with this one!

I learned at a very young age Read more “Do You Know the Biggest Mistake You Can Make in Life?”

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If He/She Sounds Too Good to be True …

What to SaySo, you meet someone over the internet and on paper, he/she seems like a perfect match for you. What do you do next, and how do you determine if this person is really what they said they were? In his final entry about internet dating, Richard gave us more wonderful insight:

Saying too much — Some people write the great American novel rather than have a real conversation – even when it’s clear both sides are interested. I understand about Read more “If He/She Sounds Too Good to be True …”

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Can unveiling your past change your future?

Wingless Butterfly Wingless Butterfly – coming soon!

Scheduled for release Spring 2010. Here is an excerpt:

Her warning still echoed in my mind. He’s the kind of man that pulls wings off of butterflies. The faceless man had haunted me for as long as I could remember. I shuddered and clenched my eyes as tightly as I could, but the admonition refused to be silence. Read more “Can unveiling your past change your future?”

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Learn the Do’s & Don’ts of Internet Dating

Find the perfect partnerI have to share this rant I received via email about Internet dating. It was from a man who I’ll call Richard … because that’s his name … and I found it to be humorous, honest, accurate advice about dating on line — a process that can be intimidating, overwhelming, intriguing, frustrating and even dangerous. If you Read more “Learn the Do’s & Don’ts of Internet Dating”

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Warning # 3–Can you Ever Really Know Someone?

Here's to choosing wiselySince I began this blog I continually receive email from women and men of all ages who identify with and find some solace my posts. While I’m happy I am reaching so many broken hearts and souls, it is disheartening to realize how many are intelligent yet unsuspecting, trusting individuals who get hurt in relationships. It seems no matter how well we think we know someone, we can still get blind-sighted. So my question is Read more “Warning # 3–Can you Ever Really Know Someone?”

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Warning! Is this guy for real?

[youtube][/youtube]What I’m about to say does not pertain to the majority of the male population, and  it’s guys like this that make relationships difficult for everyone. I am a firm believer that there are a lot of women who are self-absorbed users as well, but I feel compelled to pass along this chauvinistic, narcissistic mentality to warn the unsuspecting females about men who actually believe this stuff. The things I suffer through to obtain real life research are sometimes above and beyond the call of duty.

Yesterday, I met with a man who honestly believed the garbage he spewed and I endured him for almost two hours. His philosophical point of view was that women are responsible for men lying to and using them. His theory was Read more “Warning! Is this guy for real?”

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Lethal Lovers * Part 2

Don't get in over your head!Toxic relationships can take you down, so don’t get in over your head! I have received a lot of emails from people telling me about their own experiences. It’s funny how the picture seems so clear from the outside looking in, but there is a kind of smoke screen when your in the middle of it. I am not here to judge, because I have screwed up more times than I want to admit, but the purpose of my blog is to create a sort of support system for jerk-magnets so read on and remember, we’ve all been there before. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Sara told me that about 6 months into her relationship, her boyfriend began to ask her to park her car in his garage. His excuse was Read more “Lethal Lovers * Part 2”


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