Live your Dreams

The Truth About Jerk-Magnets & Other Fractured Fairy Tales.

[youtube][/youtube]For a long time, it was difficult for me to understand why I was drawn to “jerks” or why I always seemed to end up with a broken heart and fractured dreams, but the answers were always within my grasp. I attracted jerks, or more accurately, I attracted men who were broken inside because Read more “The Truth About Jerk-Magnets & Other Fractured Fairy Tales.”

Live your Dreams

Take a Moment

[youtube][/youtube]Loss is never easy regardless of the circumstances. When your life is bombarded with loss repeatedly in a short span of time it creates a kind of perfect storm within. You can’t just tough it out, push it down deep inside of you and try to forge forward. The grief builds and Read more “Take a Moment”

Live your Dreams

Good Luck!!

[youtube][/youtube]It’s not often that an airplane crashes into a house across the street from you. That’s what happened on friday. An explosion and then sirens beyond anything I have ever heard first hand.

A few Read more “Good Luck!!”


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