Live your Dreams

Beware of Evil Divas

[youtube][/youtube]I’ve spent a lot of time warning women about players and jerks, but men can fall victim to predators too. Wolves disguised as sheep, evil divas prey on vulnerable men, typically targeting the affluent––lonely executives, widowers and seniors. While the agenda of most male players is usually sexual and motivated by self gratification; their female counterparts are more often enticed by Read more “Beware of Evil Divas”

Live your Dreams

Are You A Dreamer?

[youtube][/youtube]What happens to the dreams we have as children—to the wide eyed innocence and the belief that fairy tales can come true? It’s sad to see young adults jaded about their future, especially when they’ve barley even reached the legal age to have one. Sara,  Read more “Are You A Dreamer?”

Are You Beautiful?

[youtube][/youtube]I was feeling a little lonely the other night so I went into a restaurant, sat down at the bar and ordered dinner. Not being one to strike up a conversation with strangers, I sat  alone, lost in my own thoughts, and ate my dinner in solitude. When I Read more “Are You Beautiful?”

Live your Dreams

How To Get Your Way

[youtube][/youtube]Life doesn’t always play out according to my plans. Stuff happens … especially in this economy! The news is saturated with unemployment, failed business’ and loss. It’s easy to feel defeated, and when we are repeatedly knocked down, it sometimes seems useless to Read more “How To Get Your Way”

Live your Dreams

Can You Trust?

[youtube][/youtube]Trust is truly the elusive butterfly of love. When we’ve been hurt, its hard to get back up and try again. Trusting someone, or even trusting our own heart leaves us too vulnerable, so we rationalize, make up excuses and lie to ourselves because Read more “Can You Trust?”


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