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Top 20 Signs You Are Dating a Player

Don't overlook the red flag listI’ve gotten so may requests for this list recently, I decided to re-post it, so here it isthe top twenty signs of a player. Here are the red flags in black and white. You might find some things on this list amusing or amazing, but they are real and have happened to people who were supposedly in committed relationships. Enjoybut beware. The next time your sweetie displays a blatant red flag, you just might want to think twice before you dismiss it.

Here are the top 20 signs your partner is cheating or be a player: Read more “Top 20 Signs You Are Dating a Player”

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Beware of Evil Divas

[youtube][/youtube]I’ve spent a lot of time warning women about players and jerks, but men can fall victim to predators too. Wolves disguised as sheep, evil divas prey on vulnerable men, typically targeting the affluent––lonely executives, widowers and seniors. While the agenda of most male players is usually sexual and motivated by self gratification; their female counterparts are more often enticed by Read more “Beware of Evil Divas”

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“Reeling in the Stars” interview with author Casi McLean

[youtube][/youtube]Point.Click.Shoot, Atlanta’s own cutting-edge multimedia production company’s hot new Internet show, “REELING IN THE STARS” interviews author Casi McLean. Host, Anastasia Bartolucci talks with Casi about her popular blog site and Read more ““Reeling in the Stars” interview with author Casi McLean”

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Are You A Dreamer?

[youtube][/youtube]What happens to the dreams we have as children—to the wide eyed innocence and the belief that fairy tales can come true? It’s sad to see young adults jaded about their future, especially when they’ve barley even reached the legal age to have one. Sara,  Read more “Are You A Dreamer?”

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Check your baggage …

[youtube][/youtube]We’ve all been hurt in the past. Some by a parent’s abuse or abandonment, some by peers taunting and teasing, some by relationships — betrayal, cheating, life traumas or death. It’s human nature to fear rejection and loss and its not easy to forget the painful moments we’ve experienced, but we can have a happy present and future if we don’t

Read more “Check your baggage …”

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Can You Trust?

[youtube][/youtube]Trust is truly the elusive butterfly of love. When we’ve been hurt, its hard to get back up and try again. Trusting someone, or even trusting our own heart leaves us too vulnerable, so we rationalize, make up excuses and lie to ourselves because Read more “Can You Trust?”


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