The More Things Change

Dear Rachel, I look forward to your marriage and lovingly pass this advice to you. Ask not for perfection in your mate. You will not find it, and it’s just as well. Living with a saint can be very tiresome. Let your love be stronger than your hate or anger....

Carousel Déjà Vu

Some places are magical and some are magical for a select few people. Carousel Déjà Vu is such a place. To the ordinary rider, the beautifully restored horses, animals and fantasy creatures are just that—a carnival ride. But to others, those in whom Jackson...
The 7-7-7 Game with Beneath The Lake

The 7-7-7 Game with Beneath The Lake

Lake Lanier, GA is the setting for my new time travel romance, Beneath The Lake. Linda Joyce tagged me to play The 7-7-7- Game. Please check out her blog and read her seven lines of Bayou Born, the first novel in her Fleur de Lis series which will make its appearance...

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