This Week’s ABA Awesome Author Judy Ann Davis

This Week’s ABA Awesome Author

Judy Ann Davis 

ABA Awesome Author Highlights

About Judy Ann Davis

Judy Ann Davis began her career in writing as a copy and continuity writer for radio and television in Scranton, PA. She holds a degree in Journalism and Communications and has written for industry and education throughout her career.

Over a dozen of her short stories have appeared in various literary and small magazines, and anthologies, and have received numerous awards.

When Judy Ann is not behind a computer, you can find her looking for anything humorous to make her laugh or swinging a golf club where the chuckles are few. She is a member of Pennwriters, Inc. and Romance Writers of America, and lives in Central Pennsylvania.

Judy’s Newest Release:


Romance happens under Colorado’s starry skies 

Under Starry Skies by Judy Ann DavisHow did “Under Starry Skies” by Judy Ann Davis come about? Since the author had worked in adult education and understood the value of reading and writing for all adults, the story of school teacher Maria O’Donnell teaching Indian Two Bears to read and write in 1875 seemed plausible for a storyline. Two Bears was a minor but favorite and humorous character in her first book, “Red Fox Woman.” She felt she had to bring him back in the sequel because her readers fell in love with him and his humorous and wily disposition. They also fell in love with the youngest Ashmore brother, Tydall, who’s the story’s hero. 


Hired as the town’s school teacher, Maria O’Donnell and her sister Abigail arrive in the Colorado Territory in 1875, only to find the uncle they were to stay with has been murdered.
Rancher Tye Ashmore is content with life until he meets quiet and beautiful Maria. He falls in love at first sight, but her reluctance to jeopardize her teaching position by accepting his marriage proposal only makes him more determined to make her part of his life.
When their lives are threatened by gunshots and a gunnysack of dangerous wildlife, Tye believes he is the target of an unknown enemy. Not until Maria receives written threats urging her to leave does she realize she might be the target instead of the handsome rancher. 

With the help of Tye, Abigail, and a wily Indian called Two Bears, Maria 

With the help of Tye, Abigail, and a wily Indian called Two Bears, Maria works to uncover her uncle’s killer and put aside her fears. But will she discover happiness and true love under Colorado’s starry skies? Snippet: 

Two Bears reached out and laid a hand on her trembling ones to still her. “Listen closely. You must tell Tye Ashmore and those you trust. You must always carry a weapon with you. Do not take chances. Do not be foolish. Foolish men are the first to die. Take a different path to the school each morning. We need to find your enemy.” 

“I don’t know how.” Maria gave a choked, desperate laugh. She watched Two Bears stare with a hawklike gaze at the forest leading to the stable of the manse, then let his eyes encircle the entire wooded area at the edge of the yard.
Finally he spoke in a calm steady voice. “Enemies are not always wise enemies. They get careless. Then we will find him. . .or he will reveal himself.”

Find Judy Ann Davis:
Twitter: JudyAnnDavis4
Facebook: Judy Ann Davis Goodreads: A Word About The Author 

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Moonlight And Mystery

ABA’s Anna Durand ~ Breaking Free, Breaking Out

Breaking Free

Breaking Out

Failure is inevitable. No matter how determined, experienced, and smart you are, sometimes things don’t work out the way you wanted. The way we deal with failure often tells us more about ourselves than how we handle successes. Last year was the worst of my life, for many reasons I won’t get into here because I dislike dwelling on bad stuff. After all the trauma of 2016, I’d hoped for some good news when I entered my erotic romance Dangerous in a Kilt in the Kindle Scout program, which offers the chance of getting published by Amazon.

I got rejected.

When I found out, I was bummed for about half a day. Then I resolved not to give up on this book, but instead to see my rejection from KS as an opportunity rather than a failure.

I spent the next four months preparing for the book’s release, having chosen December 16 as the date. I requested reviews. When the first pre-pub reviews came in and were glowing, five-star endorsements—including The Romance Reviews designating it a Top Pick—I experienced the first wave of vindication. Release day came and the book shot up in the Amazon rankings, achieving the highest sales rank of any of my books ever (so far). Dangerous in a Kilt became an Amazon bestseller, and as customer reviews began trickling in, I discovered readers loved the book.

Oh, and I also garnered another first for me. I received a review—five stars, no less—from an Amazon Top 100 reviewer. My Kindle Scout failure could have led me to chuck the book in the trash. Instead, I turned an apparent failure into my greatest success to date.

The lesson here? When failure drags you down into a dark hole, never stop struggling to break free of it. You just might break out into the sunshine of your best days.

My Promo Tip

You can sign up for all the advertising you want, but unless you track the results of those efforts, you’ll never know for sure what succeeded and what flopped. Last fall, I booked my first ad with Kindle Nation Daily and they introduced me to their free eBookTracker tool. It lets you track sales rank hour by hour, and you can sign up to receive emails when your rank reaches a certain threshold (I chose 10,000). You can also receive a daily summary that tells you the highest rank for that day.

Now, whenever I have a promo scheduled, I can track the effect on sales rank without checking my book’s page every hour. This gives me a clearer picture of whether my efforts have paid off or tanked, but it also liberates me to work on the next book while the promo is ongoing.

My Author Tip

Always remember a first draft is just that—a draft. It’s easy to get caught up in making a book perfect from the get-go, but the reality is there are no perfect books. Think of a first draft as stage one and you free yourself to explore the story and characters without worrying about making little mistakes. Editing gives you the chance to fix those booboos. If you never finish the book, caught up in achieving perfection from the first sentence, you’ll never get to the important editing phase. A book can’t be published until it’s written and edited!

About Anna

Anna Durand is an award-winning, Amazon bestselling author of sizzling romances, including the Hot Scots series. She loves writing about spunky heroines and hunky heroes, in settings as diverse as modern Chicago and the fairy realm. Making use of her master’s in library science, she owns a cataloging services company that caters to indie authors and publishers. In her free time, you’ll find her binge-listening to audiobooks, playing with puppies, or crafting jewelry.


Spunk & Hunks blog:






Amazon Author Page:

Anna’s Newest Release:


Dangerous in a Kilt

Dangerous in a Kilt

Good-girl Erica Teague is out on bail, charged with a crime her ex-lover committed. Her desperate bid to experience one wild night of sizzling sex, before her trial and certain conviction, lands her in the arms of Lachlan MacTaggart, a hot Scot with a secret past. She can’t resist his offer to enjoy one month of sex and companionship with no strings. But when their hot fling gets personal, can their passion free their imprisoned hearts?

Buy links:

ABA Best New Release Presents: WINTER’S KISS

ABA is excited to host

WK BlogTour’s

Winter’s Kiss

By Darlene Fredette

She’s been on a flight from hell for over eight hours, lost four hours of daylight, and arrived in temperatures twenty degrees lower than accustomed to. Disliking winter for a reason she refuses to discuss, Danielle Lerato would rather be anywhere than in Redford Falls. She needs to get the job done and return home before getting caught up in the small town’s charm…and the arms of the handsome, brown-eyed restaurant owner.

Andrew Haley’s first encounter with the buttery blonde didn’t go so well, and he well-remembers the chill of the glass of water she dumped over his head. Now, two years later, a raging storm drops Danielle back into his life. She’s determined to leave, but he’ll do whatever it takes to convince her to fall in love with Redford Falls…and him.


Return to beautiful Redford Falls:

A woman who knows what she wants and a man who knows what he needs.

Winter's Kiss

Nothing thaws the chill faster than a warm winter kiss.


Danielle probably looked a hideous mess. Her hair had come loose from the clip on the top of her head. Sleep masked her eyes. She wanted nothing more than to wash her face and sterilize her hands from the airborne germs she encountered on the plane. “I’ve been on the flight from hell for over eight hours. I’ve lost four hours of daylight, and the temperature here is twenty degrees lower than where I live.” She pulled the straps of her leather jacket tight around her waist. “I have to rent a car and drive two hours to a small town where, if I blink I’ll miss it.” She waved a pointed finger in the air for dramatic effect. “I’d rather be anywhere but here.”

Title: Winter’s Kiss
Release Date: January 15, 2017

Publisher: Escape Publishing

Genre: Contemporary
Rating: Sweet (PG)
Keywords: sweet, romance, winter, snow, family.
Average Page Count: 112

About Darlene:

Darlene resides on the East Coast of Canada with her husband, daughter, and Yellow Lab. When not working on her next book, she enjoys spending time with her family. An avid reader since childhood, Darlene loves to develop the many stories swimming in her head. She writes heartwarming contemporary romances with a focus on plot-driven page-turners.

Winter’s Kiss blog tour

includes giveaways for visitors who leave a comment on any stop during the tour,

and additional giveaways for visitors who leave a comments on

Darlene’s BLOG:

Contact links:






 Buy Links:

On my Escape page, click on the ‘BUY EBOOK’ button to find purchase links to Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and more!

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Moonlight And Mystery

ABA Awesome Author Presents Alicia Dean

ABA Awesome Authors

Presents Alicia Dean and

Haunting at Spook Light Inn 

Step back into the days of the classic Gothic Mystery romances like “The Shivering Sands” by Victoria Holt, “Rebecca” by Daphne du Maurier and “Hunter’s Green” by Phyllis A. Whitney. A new series from authors all over the world features Alicia Dean and Haunting at Spook Light Inn as well as other novellas in the style of these old-time stories. Check out the “A World of Gothic” series here:

Our gothic series includes authors from, and stories set in, Scotland, Greece, Ireland, Texas, Florida, France, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, which is where mine is set. My contribution to the series is titled “Haunting at Spook Light Inn” and is based on an actual spook light phenomenon that appears in Northeastern Oklahoma, only a few miles from where my sister and brother-in-law live. To help with researching the book, I took a road trip to the area with my friends, Kathy and Krysta. My sister Ruth drove us out to ‘spook light road.’ We didn’t see the light, (Well, Kathy and I thought we saw it, but we’re not sure. And the two naysayers with us claim we didn’t, so I guess I’ll say we didn’t…), but we had a good time, and it was helpful for getting a feel for my story.

*** Many of the stories, including Haunting at Spook Light Inn, are on sale for only 99 cents each!Haunting at Spook Light Inn by Alicia Dean


Amidst a blizzard, paranormal debunker Camille Burditt arrives at Devil’s Promenade in Oklahoma to research a supernatural ‘spook light’ phenomenon for her latest book. There she encounters a ghostly being, which she dismisses as a figment of her imagination. But as the apparition becomes too persistent to deny, Camille realizes the woman’s ghost is quite real—and that her demise was not accidental.

Declan Rush—the inhospitable, reclusive owner of the inn where Camille is staying—is linked to the deceased woman, but he is less than forthcoming. Despite his unfriendliness, Camille is oddly drawn to him, even though she suspects his connection to the spirit might be that of killer to victim.

When another suspicious death occurs, Camille intensifies her investigation. She has precious little time to ferret out the truth. Not only is her book deadline looming—she’s desperate to discover if the man she’s falling for is a murderer.


Right at ten p.m., I put on my coat, boots, scarf and gloves then pulled open the front door. I went around back and keyed in the code to the garage door. The door slid open, and I climbed into a golf cart. I headed down the drive, appreciative of the thick plastic that somewhat blocked the wind. Even with the protection, I was chilled by the time I reached the road.

I parked on the shoulder and snuggled into my coat. Above me, ice-coated tree limbs drooped heavily. A howl rose in the distance. I looked around but saw nothing. Of course, coyotes and mountain lions were sneaky. They wouldn’t be parading around in plain view. From what I’d read, they kept mostly away from civilization. Even though this area was hardly what I’d call civilized, it wasn’t the wilderness either. I was certain whatever had made that sound was a safe distance away.

A three-quarter moon hung in the sky surrounded by a spattering of stars. Beautiful. I didn’t see stars like that in Miami. I focused my attention back to the end of the road. From my understanding, the best spot to see the light was just to the left of a cell tower. I could see the red lights of the tower. I studied the area left of it.

In my peripheral vision, a brief glow appeared. I whipped my head around. A translucent, but not quite human form, wafted above the ditch on the side of the road.

I gasped, and a tremble shot up my legs. It’s not real, whatever I’m seeing, it’s not real.

The figure floated toward me. I lifted the plastic, keeping my gaze on the glow.

What was it?

Not the light. It wasn’t in the right spot nor was it the right shape.

I blinked. Still there. Oh God…

I screwed my eyes shut tightly. When I opened them, the glow was gone.


Haunting At Spook Light Inn

on Amazon:

About Alicia Dean:

Author Alicia Dean began writing stories as a child. At age 10, she wrote her first ever romance (featuring a hero who looked just like Elvis Presley, and who shared the name of Elvis’ character in the movie, Tickle Me), and she still has the tattered, pencil-written copy. Alicia is from Moore, Oklahoma and now lives in Edmond. She has three grown children and a huge network of supportive friends and family. She writes mostly contemporary suspense and paranormal, but has also written in other genres, including a few vintage historicals. She is a freelance editor in addition to being an editor for The Wild Rose Press.

Other than reading and writing, her passions are Elvis Presley, MLB, NFL (she usually works in a mention of one or all three into her stories) and watching (and rewatching) her favorite televisions shows like The Walking Dead, Dexter, Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Haven, Vampire Diaries, and The Originals. Some of her favorite authors are Michael Connelly, Dennis Lehane, Lee Child, Lisa Gardner, Sharon Sala, Jordan Dane, Ridley Pearson, Joseph Finder, and Jonathan Kellerman…to name a few.


Find Alicia here:

*** Sign up for our Novel Notes Newsletter, a multi-author newsletter where we give away a $25 gift card each month:







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Moonlight And Mystery

Devon McKay ~ Character Flaws and Torture

Character Flaws

[And Torture]

I’m drawn to characters with flaws. The more troubled, the more I’m intrigued. Hand me a story with a rough and tough guy booking down the road of self-destruction and I’m hooked. Add a stubborn, emotionally damaged damsel in distress and I won’t be able to put the book down until I’ve read the last page.

What is the lure? Why do I prefer reading books that harbor a tortured soul over a character without flaws? The answer comes easy. Perfect is boring, and quite frankly, unrealistic. We are human after all. Emotions often overrule control and common sense. It’s in our makeup. I’d much rather lose myself into the chaos of a life frayed and join the ranks of other readers cheering the character on as they develop, grow, and learn from their mistakes.

Another great tip I’ve gained as a writer is to add a good dose of torment. Torture your characters. I know it sounds awful. Why would any author want to put their beloved characters through mental or physical trauma? For starters, it makes for a more interesting read. Who wants to dive into a story where you can’t relate or connect to the characters? The more anguish a character endures, the more a reader becomes invested and is less likely to quit reading.

Promoting a novel is also a challenge. One of the best promo tips I know is to ask for reviews. Reaching out to strangers to read and review your book can be scary and a daunting chore. Not only do you put yourself out there and take a chance on a reviewer not liking your baby, it takes a great deal of time and research. However, the end result can also be beautiful. You may find a person who absolutely loves your work and will gladly shout it out to the world.

In my upcoming release, Betting On Kincade, both of my lead characters are not only tortured but flawed. Cassie Wilcox is a hot mess. Motivated by desperation, she must save her business and home against some pretty hefty odds. As if that’s not enough to send a girl over the edge, in struts her ex-boyfriend to save the day. Far too stubborn to accept his help, but not in a position to refuse his money, she rents him a room.

Dalton doesn’t arrive without his own baggage. He isn’t the knight in shining armor Cassie believes him to be. The tarnished hero is hiding a big secret.

Betting On Kincade


Everyone Cassie Wilcox loved is gone. And now, thanks to her drunken stepfather, her house and family business will be taken from her, too, unless she can find a way to buy back the ranch from the new owner. With less than two months to come up with money she doesn’t have, her options are running out, and apparently, her common sense as she rents out rooms to an eclectic group of strangers.

Returning home for Dalton Kincade is bittersweet. Not a damn thing has changed. Two years on the rodeo circuit weren’t able to shake free the memory of the feisty redhead who’d broken his heart into a thousand pieces. Nor the sting of her parting words…Never trust a Kincade.

Winning her beloved ranch in a drunken bet is the last thing he expected to happen, but at least he saved it for her. Now, he has to figure out how to break that news to a woman who never wants to see him again. Renting a room in the house he now owns might be a risk, but it’s nothing compared to betting his heart on winning back the love of his life.


“Are you going to play or just sit there?” Gary Evans slurred in drunken angst as he kicked back his chair and leaned over the table. Not waiting for a reply, he picked up the crisp piece of paper lodged between them, waved it in the air, and then, slammed the deed to the Wilcox land back down on the hard pressed wood.

Cautiously, Dalton stationed a deadly stare on the intoxicated fool and noted the shimmering of glee highlighting the steel gray of the man’s eyes. Tapping the top card, he slowly trailed his finger along the swirled red print.

He was a loser no matter the outcome. Should’ve just walked away. Ignored Gary’s foolish bet and the taunts that followed once the hook had been set. It wasn’t as if Cassie would appreciate his effort anyway. Regardless, he couldn’t walk away and let her lose it all.

Clenching his jaw, he folded his fingers around the squared edges and paused before picking up the pile.

“Read ‘em and weep,” Gary squealed gleefully as he tossed his cards next to the deed. “Four deuces.” He stumbled from the end of the table, closing the gap between them in one stride, before managing to shove a quadruple of stubby digits in front of Dalton’s face. “Four.”

Dalton studied his hand with guarded fury, then stifled the drunkard’s premature victory with a flick of his wrist.

Author Bio and Links:

Devon McKay writes contemporary romance with a western flair. If she’s not writing, she’s busy with chores on her small ranch, working on a stained glass project or walking one of her three dogs through the woods. Her greatest joy is putting a smile on a readers face and hearing from fans.





Find Devon:

Devon’s Newest Release:

Betting On Kincade

On sale

February 15, 2017

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Moonlight And Mystery

ABA Awesome Author Highlights Debra Doggett


ABA Awesome Author Highlights

Debra Doggett

I’ve been many things in my life: actor, filmmaker, historian, writer, but putting words to paper is the most satisfying. After years of moving around the US, I’ve settled in the desert of New Mexico, a far cry from my birthplace in Louisiana. You never know where life will go.

I used to tell people I got a history degree because I didn’t have to take math classes for it. That was only part of the reason, but back then being a history nerd didn’t give off the best aura. Even my dad said he didn’t understand how I could take those classes because history was boring. It was one of the few things we disagreed on.

Growing up, my hero was James Michener. It wasn’t only that he could write like nobody else, but he wrote history. His work inspired me, and one day I plan to write my own historical epic. My first attempt at dipping my toe into that goal was Training Tessa. I set this story in Renaissance Italy, one of my favorite time periods. It gave me an excuse to dig back into that time and place, making the writing fun.

One of the biggest reasons for it, however, was the way sensuality permeated art, and life. Yes, there were lots of naysayers, but artists in particular began to look at the human body as sensual. That concept fit well with the story. I hope the story fits well with you.


About Debbie: 

Debra Doggett has been writing since childhood. Keeping stories in her head while raising three daughters, pursuing her BA in History and working as a museum professional has kept the writer inside her alive. She has also written, performed and directed for the stage, her second love.

Debbie’s Newest Release


Meretessa Brexiano believes in love. Her heart yearns for a true bond with the man she weds. She also believes she can change her fate. Refusing the marriage her father has arranged, she strikes a bargain with a man she hopes can teach her the art of seduction. Nicolo da Parma is a businessman with a reputation as a connoisseur of women. Their sensuality is the palette he has painted on since his youth. This time, however, he may have struck a bargain which costs more than he planned. Training Tessa might be the greatest challenge to his own heart Nicolo’s ever had.


Nicolo reached a hand toward her. “Seduction is a slow process, Tessa, a process which begins with you. It begins in here.” He tapped her forehead. “Do you even know what your own body looks like?”

She moved, grateful for even a small space between them. “That’s ridiculous! Of course I know what I look like. I see myself every day.”

“Ah, but do you really see? How can you tempt a lover with a body you are not even aware of?”

Before she could protest, he swallowed up the small, safe distance. Strange sensations stirred within her, leaving her without the ability to form the words she knew she should be saying. Nicolo’s fingers untied the lace along her bodice. He slipped the thin scarf through his hand with a sensual caress that made her shiver. What would those fingers feel like against her skin? As his hand slid over her shoulder, his fingers nudged her dress down, letting the fabric glide to the top of her breasts. He leaned in close and for a moment she thought he might kiss her. Tessa wondered what his lips would feel like, what they would taste like.

Author links:

Facebook: Debra Doggett | Facebook


Amazon Author Page:


Training Tess Buy link:

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Moonlight And Mystery

Katie O’Sullivan ~ Dating For Critique Partners

Dating For Critique Partners

Happy New Year!

Not to be a cliché, but what are your reading and writing resolutions?

I have two: read more literary fiction (because I miss it), and find a new writing group to join (again, because I miss it.)

The first writing group I ever joined was an eclectic mix of writers. We drank coffee and shared muffins, and liked each other as people. We met for two hours once a week, bringing pages to read out loud and copies for everyone to follow along and jot feedback.

We spanned genres. Three of the members were writing memoirs, one a cozy mystery, one a women’s fiction. And then there was me. I wanted to write for young adults, but the group discouraged that. Any time I tried to start something for teens, the group disapproved. When I brought my first mermaid pages, they listened politely but wrote cutting comments on the papers they returned to me.

When I turned to romantic suspense, they teased me about the sex scenes. Because, yes, we were the kind of group to read pages out loud and share feedback. “Write me a blow job,” joked one guy. When I returned the following week with that scene you should’ve seen the fifty shades red on his face.

I liked these people. But. They didn’t understand. And it hurt.

I finally left the group. Or should I say, we broke up.

Finding the right writing groups or critique partner is like dating. You need to find the right fit, and you should keep trying new ones until you do. You’re getting into a relationship, and it needs to work for everyone involved, so don’t commit before you know it’s right for you.

You might go on a second date with a guy, even if the first one wasn’t so hot. You know, give him a second chance, because anyone can have an “off” day. But. You wouldn’t make long term plans until you were comfortable with him. You certainly wouldn’t give him a blow job.

Same with a critique group. And I think it’s time for me to start looking again.

How about you? What are your resolutions for 2017?

About Katie O’Sullivan:

Katie O’Sullivan lives on Cape Cod, drinking way too much coffee and inventing new excuses not to dust. Living next to the Atlantic influences everything she writes, from her YA series about mermaids to her contemporary romances for The Wild Rose Press. An Amazon best-selling author and recovering English major, she earned her degree at Colgate University and now writes romance and adventure for young adults, and something steamier for the young at heart.

Website ~ Blog ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Goodreads ~ Amazon Author Page


About the Book

Climate scientist Chase Anderson races from one project to the next, unwilling to slow down in his quest to save the world’s oceans. He has no time for family or relationships until he crashes into an impetuous blonde with a quirky sense of humor. One sizzling kiss makes him seriously reevaluate his priorities. And his sanity.

Emma Maguire left her small Cape Cod hometown years ago, seeking the fast pace and anonymity of New York City. She’s not sure what she’s searching for, but when a family crisis brings her home to Provincetown she’s caught in a crazy tangle of half-truths and mistaken identity… and falls for the handsome stranger who broke her cell phone.

Will untangling the web of lies drive them crazy, or lead to something even crazier – like love?


Buy Links:



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ABA Book Blast Presents: Tena Stetler’s A Witches Holiday…

ABA Book Blast Presents:

A Witch’s Holiday Wedding

By Tena Stetler

A Note from Tena:

For me crafting a romance is all about RESPECT, TRUST and LOVE, and always with a touch of magic. I want to create a memorable love story with spice and adventure. Characters that will grab hold of your heart and hang on long after you’ve read the last word and closed the book with a satisfied sigh, sorry to see the story end.

A Witch’s Holiday Wedding is a sequel to A Witch’s Journey. I loved writing these stories because wildlife rescue and rehab are near and dear to my heart. I’ve worked with and supported various rescues since my teenage years.

I grew up in a military town and saw first-hand the trials and tribulations military go through. I married a soldier too and still live in that town that touts one army base and four air force bases including NORAD and the U.S. Air Force Academy.

A piece of me is in Pepper who is a certified wildlife rehabilitation specialist, as well as an elemental witch. Her story is one of redemption. Lathen is a former Navy SEAL and his story is one of survival. Together they battle their demons and help others by paying it forward.

I wanted to give readers closure on Lathen and Pepper’s foray into love, wildlife rescue and redemption. Also I love holiday feel good stories about friends, family and holiday gatherings. A Witch’s Holiday Wedding fits this perfectly. Writing the end is always bitter sweet. But as sometimes happens a secondary character stole my heart while I wrote this, so she may be getting her own story in the future.


Elemental witch, Pepper McKay and former Navy SEAL, Lathen Quartz have built Lobster Cove Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center on enchanted McKay land. During a romantic interlude on Halloween night, Pepper happily agrees to become Lathen’s wife. What better day than Winter Solstice for their wedding in a town that loves celebrations and Christmas. However, planning a wedding and operating their wildlife center takes a toll on both Pepper and Lathen.

When the couple takes a much-needed break for Thanksgiving with family in Colorado, a Maine snowstorm fills the center with injured wildlife. Lathen finds himself drawn into a covert military mission, while trying to deal with issues concerning friends and family. Pepper wants to cancel the wedding. Is she having second thoughts? Will the nosy McKay ghosts, Lathen’s werewolf pack, Pepper’s parents, and her best friend help or hinder the wedding and holiday plans?


Half an hour later, Lathen turned the truck onto the gravel drive to the cabin, slowed, and stared at the dark SUV parked in front of the cabin. Slowly he guided the truck behind the vehicle, noticing that the plates were government issue. What the hell is this?

Pepper leaned forward in her seat. “What’s a government SUV doing sitting in front of our home?”

“Maybe it’s the DIFW,” Lathen said hopefully. He turned off the headlights and cut the engine. The doors opened on the SUV, and four men in suits stepped out and waited.

Oh shit, this doesn’t bode well. He recognized one of the men, Lt. Commander Raymond Sale. Lathen jumped out of the truck as Pepper opened her door. “Pepper, why don’t you go on inside, let Tonk and Ember out, but keep them close. I’ll just be a minute.”

Pepper glanced from the men and back to Lathen. She opened her mouth to protest, but he shook his head and glanced toward the cabin where he could hear Tonk and Ember barking.

Buy links:

AmazonKoboThe Wild Rose Press, and Barnes & Noble

Contact Tena:



Facebook Page:

Twitter Page:



Newsletter: Sign up on web page


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Moonlight And Mystery

Sorchia Dubois ~ Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

I write fantasy and Gothic romance, but that doesn’t mean everything in my books is strictly imaginative. My Zoraida Grey series is predominantly about a woman on a journey of growth. In the series, Zoraida’s growth involves accepting her own magical abilities—the good with the bad. She discovers that with growing knowledge comes growing responsibility. You can’t plead ignorance anymore when you learn—or even if you merely suspect––the truth. Zoraida faces the challenge of deciding which way to go—literally to decide if she is a good witch or a bad witch.

As children, we get to be selfish and self-absorbed. It’s fun and—damn––wouldn’t it be nice if that could last forever? But when you have children of your own, you realize the world they inherit is your responsibility. And the way they interact with that world is based largely on the model you set for them. This is the truth you can’t ignore.

Good fiction is a snapshot of society—yes, even Gothic fantasy romance. Fiction holds up a mirror to culture and asks, “Do you like what you see?” One serious issue I deal with in my Zoraida Grey series is the question of climate change. My job is not to convince anyone on either side of this issue. My job is to provide one What-If scenario. Since I write fantasy, that What-If scenario is going to be fraught with danger and witchcraft. That doesn’t make the issue less important.

Does fiction actually influence change? Well, let’s think—and I’m not putting myself or my little witchy series in league with any of these people and their works—but Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin had a bit to do with the Civil War; A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens—and many of Dickens’s works—emphasized the inhumanity of the class system in England before and during the Industrial Revolution and helped bring about a change in attitude; 1984 by George Orwell sparked a bevy of dystopian novels of nightmare scenarios which we still use as cautionary tales today; and last, but not least, Aesop’s Fables—written by a slave in ancient Greece––have taught morality and ethics to generations of children with simple life lessons like “slow and steady wins the race” and “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Zoraida learns the good and the bad and the ugly of her own abilities—just as we all do. The series is about her growth as a human—and as a witch—as she learns the implications of her power. Writing about her is fun—I love the research and the writer’s high I get when it all comes together. But the truth I can’t ignore is that writers—no matter their ability or sales stats—have the responsibility to do more than tell a good story. It’s a writer’s responsibility to polish that mirror and hang it out there for all to see. Some readers will see their own views validated. Others will awaken to the controversy and check out other sources to formulate informed opinions. Some will ignore the mirror all together. But, no matter how ready for a steamy romance readers may be, they deserve to get more out of the time they spend flipping through the pages of a novel.

They deserve a glimpse—no matter how clouded or filtered or distorted––of the truth.


Granny’s dying, but Zoraida can save her with a magic crystal of smoky quartz. Too bad the crystal is in Scotland—in a haunted castle—guarded by mind-reading, psychopathic sorcerers.

Getting inside Castle Logan is easy. Getting out––not so much. Before she can snatch the stone, Zoraida stumbles into a family feud, uncovers a wicked ancient curse, and finds herself ensorcelled by not one but two handsome Scottish witches.

Up to their necks in family intrigue and smack-dab in the middle of a simmering clan war, Zoraida and her best friend Zhu discover Granny hasn’t told them everything.
Not by a long shot.

About Sorchia

Sorchia Dubois lives in the piney forest of the Missouri Ozarks with eight cats. She edits technical writing and fiction part time, but she spends at least five hours per day tapping out paranormal romance, Gothic murder, and Scottish thrillers.

A proud member of the Ross clan, Sorchia incorporates all things Celtic (especially Scottish) into her works. She can often be found swilling Scotch at Scottish festivals.

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ABA Awesome Authors Highlights Kayden Claremont

This Week’s

Awesome Author Highlights:

Kayden Claremont

Kayden loves sexy, well-crafted stories of lust and love. Her sensuous style drives the characters in lustful romps. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America, Toronto Romance Writers, and Writing Community of Durham Region. When she is not crafting erotic romantic stories, she can be found crocheting or making jewelry.

Kayden’s Newest Release


A note from Kayden:

I love a man in a Kilt, I mean—who doesn’t.

When The Wild Rose Press asked for stories for their Real Men Wear Kilts series I was in heaven. I went through the usual list of placed you’d find a kilt-wearing hunk, but decided to have Brodie Murdock wear his kilt every day. After all, it would be such a pity to save all the scrumptiousness just for special occasions.

Since I write paranormal erotic romance, I had to come up with his paranormal quality. I made Brodie Murdock a kilt-wearing, motorcycle-riding hottie with a secret he can only share with his destined mate.

Brodie took over the story so I had to make sure Cora Siegfried was he match in every way. She became a kick-ass heroine who wouldn’t back down from fighting for the man she loves.

With his throne on the line, Brodie Murdock needs to secure his kingdom by taking a bride. When the only woman he’s ever wanted, Cora Siegfried, steps right into his path, he knows the legends are true. She is his destiny. But will she agree?


Financial planner Cora Siegfried has returned to her hometown to settle her late father’s estate. Get in, get out, that’s the plan. When she’s almost run over by a kilt-wearing hottie on a motorcycle, all her well-laid plans go up in smoke, and all she can think about is getting well laid by her childhood crush. But after what she hoped would be a one-night stand, leaving him might not be as easy. Talk about a tartan temptation.

With his throne on the line, Brodie Murdock needs to secure his kingdom by taking a bride. When the only woman he’s ever wanted steps right into his path, he knows the legends are true. She is his destiny. The feisty female isn’t hard to seduce into his bed for the night, but she’s proving difficult to convince they are meant for forever. And then there’s the secret that could destroy any chance of their future–a secret he’s not ready to confess. Not until his stubborn soul mate admits she needs him for more than sex.


She rubbed her brow. That’s what she did when she was gathering her thoughts. “I can’t list the house without a stupid piece of paper from the lawyer, and he had to go away on a family emergency. What about my family emergency? My father died. Nobody cares about that.”

Brodie turned the bike off, set it on its kickstand, and stood. He shouldn’t touch her, but he wrapped his arms around her and drew her against him. “I care.”

Doubt filled her dark blue eyes. “Why? Why do you care about me?”

Destiny. She’d think he was crazy, but it was the truth. He’d always understood it. “How could I not care about you?”

Taking a step back, she shook her head. The startled expression on her face told him he’d gone too far.

She hesitated then glared at him. “What do you want?”

He glanced up at the stormy cloud, then back at her. He hadn’t fooled her at all. He was running out of time. He had to win her trust now. “Ice cream. I need ice cream. You need ice cream. We all need ice cream.” He smiled, hoping his charm worked this time.

Disbelief shone in her eyes. “Now?”


Buy link: Amazon:

She hopes you enjoy her other books as well: HELL’S BOUNTY, TIMELESS PASSION, and RED HOT all published by The Wild Rose Press.

And she loves to hear from her readers.







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