[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPGU4Uuo8Dk[/youtube]I’ve spent a lot of time talking about women’s issues, but I can’t stress often enough that men and women alike can be victims. This post is directed to both, and the message is invaluable. An injured self-image is not selective, and this is a great example of how anyone can fall victim, but come back with a vengeance.

Jim Bouchard’s self-perception collapsed when he was sucked in by drug abuse. He dropped out of college, but martial arts transformed his failure into success. Today Jim’s life is on a mission. He tours nationally to teach his Black Belt Mindset philosophy with a focus on rebuilding self-esteem and overcoming past pain. He is not only a professional martial artist, but appears regularly on radio, TV and in person sharing his message of excellence, discipline, focus and opportunity.

Today, February 22, 2011, Jim will host a fabulous radio talk show about relationships and abuse; a show that in my opinion, everyone should hear. Click here for more information. There is nothing more damaging to a woman’s self-esteem than emotional and physical abuse in a relationship. You think you’ve found the man of your dreams and then you find yourself defending every thought and action. As strange as it may sound to people who have not experienced abuse, there is often a mindset in the victim that wonders what she did to deserve it.

Jim says, the short answer is nothing. There is no excuse for abusing another human being. Ironically, the more caring you are the more likely it is that you will question your own role in an abusive relationship and the more likely you’ll take more of the responsibility for the abuse.

I’m speaking here to the perpetrators of abuse- and in this case, specifically to men who abuse women in a committed relationship:

  • You may have been abused yourself.
  • You may have grown up with a father that modeled abusive behavior.
  • You may have a genuine psychological problem.
  • You may truly be an asshole.

These are explanations- not excuses. No matter what the reason; you must get help. You must understand what you’re doing and why and take the measures necessary to stop- not for your current relationship but for future relationships and especially for the sake of any children you may have.

Today’s guests on Jim’s show are Amanda Graybill and Katana Abbott. Amanda is the founder of the Little Black Dress Society, a women’s group committed to ending abuse against women. This amazing group is approaching the issue from a perspective of unrelenting positivity- their mission to dress up, have fun and give back. Katana Abbott is co-author of the “Thank God I . . .” book; and her chapter is entitled “Thank God I was Abused.” She is the founder of the Smart Women’s Empowerment Project. Her story of transformation from abuse to success is inspirational.

Listen to these amazing people and you will see why my passion is to empower others to believe that anyone can change their life, regardless of their age or past, and find the passion and drive to pursue their dreams.

Find your wings and take flight,


Source: http://thinklikeablackbelt.org/the-book/ and LinkedIn BlogTalkRadio


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