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Monster in my Closet by Margaret A Daly

Casi McLean
USA Today Bestselling Author, Casi McLean, pens novels to stir the soul with romance, mystery, and a whisper of magic. With strong, believable heroines and delicious heroes, she tempts hidden desires then fans the flames, sweeping readers into their innermost romantic fantasies. Her fans devour her exceptional romantic suspense and adore her lovable characters. Try one story––you’ll see, hear, and feel the magical eeriness of a fateful night, believe in time travel, be mystified by supernatural, and sense the excitement of romantic suspense––but most of all you'll want more! Lake Lanier Mysteries Series: Beneath The Lake Winner 2016 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence for BEST Romantic Suspense.




Can Becky keep her secrets?

A new place, a new start on a life, that’s all Becky wants. A place she can feel safe and free herself from her past. No one knows her secrets, not even her best friend…

She wasn’t ready for love, not just yet. At least that’s what she kept telling herself. Deep down she yearned for it, even burned for it. But every time she lets herself fall, it fails miserably. She isn’t going to let that happen, not this time. She will find herself first.
All of her plans are thrown out the window the day she runs into Stephen. His smile captures her and no matter how much she fights it, she can’t deny the pull in her heart. Can Stephen help her chase away the past? Can she keep her secrets and her monsters at bay long enough to give love a chance again.



Margaret A. Daly 

Having written her first paranormal fantasy book at the age of forty-three, Margaret Daly has started a wonderful trilogy. Margaret took her life’s encounters and crossed a bridge to a different world with them, a world filled with untamed power and endless possibilities.

Being raised in the hills of West Sparta, New York, Margaret lost her home and everything in it to fire at a young age. She dove into the dark world as a teenager and from there on spent most of her life wrapped up in unfortunate situations from bad choices. Margaret learned some things aren’t what you expect; some things end up being more.

Now, with her loving husband and four children, a family full of support and love, she has managed to overcome all the oddities thrown at her. Becoming a published author she once dreamed of being as a child but lost track of during this journey we call life.

Margaret owns and runs her own online marketing and design business, she works with several best selling and award winning authors while promoting their work and still, loves to read and write her own stories!

Her newest journey in life is in to the Romantic Suspense Genre with her story, Monsters in my Closet, was included in the USA TODAY Bestselling Multi-Author Box Set, Love Under Fire!

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  • Margaret A Daly

    Thanks Peggy! Hope you enjoy the book!

  • Margaret A Daly

    Thank you so much for the wonderful feature Casi!
    I hope everyone enjoys the book!

  • Amy Donahue

    This one makes me curious to learn more.

  • Peggy Hyndman

    Great tagline! Margaret Daly’s tagline definitely didn’t leave me cold.

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