Wow, it seems almost surreal. I’ve been working so hard on the publishing demands of my book that I’m having a rush of emotions today. My first media release hit the wire and Internet today, and in one fell swoop, dreams became reality. While one of my greatest childhood dreams was to write books, a memoir wasn’t part of that vision.


The truth is, the greatest fear of my life emerged when I believed that my biological father abandoned me––the fear of rejection, and I am confronting that deepest fear by publishing Wingless Butterfly. It’s not easy to bare a lifetime of vulnerability, insecurities and colossal mistakes for the world to see. I was the Wingless Butterfly in my mother’s metaphor, and I wrote my story to reach out to the hearts of other people, the walking wounded who have lost sight of their dreams. I hope you all will read my story. You may not live your life through a veil of insecurity, but I guarantee that you know someone who does. The past has a way of holding on with a stranglehold to those with a damaged spirit. I hope you support me by buying my book or passing it along to someone who may benefit from my experiences. Everyone needs to know that no matter what happened in your past, believe in yourself and know that YOU make a difference in this world.




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