Laura Strickland Shares Romance: In Action

Laura Strickland
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 Want to know about romance? Ask Laura Strickland.

When I was younger, I had definite ideas about what made something “romantic”. I guess all girls do. Young women tend to sit and weave dreams into hopes and expectations. Back then I thought it was all about the sigh-worthy gesture: the long and meaningful gaze, the single red rose, the walk hand-in-hand through the moonlight. If a young man had written me a heart-felt love poem, I probably would have swooned.

The truth is, men don’t particularly want women who go around swooning and life’s not all about red roses. Life’s about loyalty and courage and hard choices. It’s about a kind word when your partner’s exhausted. It’s about sacrificing your comfort for the one you love.

Laura’s Romance

Eventually I met a young man with a romantic heart. How did he express that tendency toward romance? Well, he did give me a dozen red roses after our first date. More important, he was there for me when my life fell apart. And he’s been there every day since for nearly forty years. Having studied the heart of the man, I can share the most romantic thing he does for me: even if he’s feeling tired and beat-up from shoveling the driveway during one of our harsh, Western New York winters, he never leaves for work without cleaning my car off, just so I won’t have to. And every time I walk out the door and see that car, I feel loved. Better than roses, that’s romance in action!

What’s the most romantic thing a man’s ever done for you?

Laura’s Best Author Tip:

And here’s a writing tip (free of charge): include some of the everyday in your romance writing. Encourage your reader to relate to your characters by letting them see the simple romantic gestures in the hero and heroine’s lives. We’re not all millionaires but we all need love… Also, when doing a promotion I like to give away something that reminds your recipient that each day is beautiful—a simple bracelet or nature-themed bag. Beautiful doesn’t have to be expensive!

Laura Strickland’s Latest Release:

Awake On Garland Street

Awake On Garland Street by Laura Strickland
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Brendan O’Rourke hasn’t had a decent night’s sleep since he arrived back at the family home in St. John’s, Newfoundland. The famed Celtic fiddler’s being haunted by the ghost of his great-grandfather, Charlie, who’s bent on keeping Brendan from ruining his life with the same selfish choice he made between music and the woman he loved.

Grace Dawe was finished with Brendan O’Rourke eight years ago when he chose music over their relationship. So why can’t she look at him now without going weak in the knees? And why, when he offers everything she’s ever wanted, is she considering his welfare above her own? Not until a beautiful old tune shows them the true meaning of love will they find a way to play their own song.

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