I have always had two burning ambitions – to own a horse and to write and publish a novel.

I’ve been crazy about all animals, especially horses, for as long as I can remember. My family was not particularly horsey and we didn’t have land or money. Growing up in Wales, I had a dog, a Cardiganshire Corgi, who I loved very much, but I longed to ride a horse. My friends and I used to sneak along to a field nearby where the beach donkeys grazed, and ride them bareback with no saddle or bridle, and

all my pocket money went on carrots for them. When my father realised how horse mad I was, he arranged for me have riding lessons, where I not only learned how to ride, but how to feed and care for horses and ponies. We were not particularly well off, and having a horse of my own still seemed like a distant pipedream. I worked at the stables during the summer holidays for rides and a little pocket money, but it was still not enough to enable me to buy my own horse.

Eventually I left school, got a full-time job and saved for five years, until I was at last able to purchase my first horse, a mare called Flikka. I kept her at a friend’s farm and bred a foal from her which I broke in myself and I have had horses ever since, although I still don’t have land of my own and have to rent pasture and buildings, so most of my money goes on that and we don’t often have holidays or meals out – but in this life one has to prioritise and for me, my animals are my priority. I also have a little rescued terrier. There is nothing to equal the feeling of freedom that comes from riding out in the hills, with beautiful scenery all around and the companionship of a horse, or going for long walks with my dog.

I was always a dreamer, and made up stories from a young age. When out in the Welsh hills, with no-one but my horse, and the occasional sheep or red kite for company, I was able to give my writing free rein, if you’ll pardon the pun. I started writing down some of those stories and eventually wrote a Science Fiction romance which I called ‘Starquest’. Then real life got in the way, I had two sudden family bereavements, and then for several years I was too involved with horses and endurance riding to think about writing. Then one summer I took out the long abandoned manuscript, and decided it was time to do something about it. I completely re-wrote it, re-discovering along the way, my love of writing. After several rounds with crit partners I sent it off to The Wild Rose Press and was lucky enough to have it accepted. It was followed by a sequel ‘Children Of The Mist’ as well as a novella for the TWRP fantasy series ‘Song Of The Muses’. The third book in what has now become the ‘Destiny Trilogy’ entitled ‘Beloved Enemy’ is currently at the galley stage and will hopefully be published by The Wild Rose Press early next year.

I would say to anyone with a dream – go for it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, although, as in my case, it might take a long time to achieve, it’s worth waiting for.


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