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A lot of people grow callous over time. They give up on their dreams, on romance and sometimes even on life, but there is a magic that we discovered in the fairy tales we were told as a child that yearns to stay alive. It’s a passion in our soul that give us the fire to make our dreams come true and as we age, like the fantasy of childhood, we dismiss it as a dream or wild imagination. Our dreams are legitimate. They are the core of the passion that guides us to find meaning and purpose in life. What if it is real? What if we could realize our dreams or find our soul mates?

If we accept the obstacles life throws in our path and give up, our dreams are lost.

People ask me why I haven’t re-married and when I tell them that I’m waiting for the man of my dreams, they laugh and say I should just find someone I get along with because romance and love disappears over time. I don’t believe that. I received an email yesterday that contained an excerpt from Enchanted Love by Marianne Williamson. Her words touched my heart and validate my beliefs — I wanted to share it with you.

True romance answers our need for adventure, for meaning, for magic, and for deep and soulful connection with another. Most of the time we fall in love and can’t remain there. The world then calls the state we were in delusion or infatuation, but we were not deluded. We merely lacked the emotional skills to hold on to the magic. Later we would tell ourselves that that moment of magic had not been real, but that analysis is just a collective lie. We invented the lie as a way to face the disappointment of having been to the moon on a starlit night, and then fallen back down to what can seem like such a barren earth.

FORGET your old ideas. Forget the lies they told you. Forget them all and you will begin to remember. Real love entails readiness to die to who we were. We must pierce the armor that hides our hearts, and that piercing is not comfortable. It is horrible and painful. It can take years of tears to melt the hardness covering our tender, gentler, inner selves. Tears for loss, humiliating failure, repeated mistakes. Love will push every button, try every faith, challenge every strength, trigger every weakness, mock every value and leave you there to die. But once you turn the corner, to leave love’s bush league and enter the pros, there is no worldly activity that can match the joy of flying like an eagle through the skies of a lover’s heart.

Hold on to your dreams and the passion in your heart. “If you reach for the moon and miss, you are still among the stars.” Thanks Marianne for helping us to keep our dreams alive. I can’t wait to read your book!


Source: Enchanted Love by Marianne Williamson


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