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5 Friends Everyone Needs!

1046914_happy_friends_2“A friend is one to whom you can pour out the contents of your heart, chaff and grain alike. Knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.” Friends can pull you through the worst of times and enhance the best. They encourage us, listen to our secrets and tell us the truth even if we don’t want to hear it! Friends are invaluable and Read more “5 Friends Everyone Needs!”

Live your Dreams

Can unveiling your past change your future?

Wingless Butterfly Wingless Butterfly – coming soon!

Scheduled for release Spring 2010. Here is an excerpt:

Her warning still echoed in my mind. He’s the kind of man that pulls wings off of butterflies. The faceless man had haunted me for as long as I could remember. I shuddered and clenched my eyes as tightly as I could, but the admonition refused to be silence. Read more “Can unveiling your past change your future?”

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Online dating?-Read this first!

Internet Dating Finding love isn’t always easy. Internet dating is a great tool to pre-screen potential partners, but before you post a profile, consider these tips–if you’re already signed up and listed, this is a must read! As promised, here are more words of wisdom about internet dating from Richard.


What to say — OK. I don’t know who is behind the this recommendation (fess up, Dr. Phil), but I can’t tell you how many profiles I’ve read that begin with “My friends think I’m (fill-in-the-glowing-adjectives”). How do I say this delicately — Read more “Online dating?-Read this first!”

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Learn the Do’s & Don’ts of Internet Dating

Find the perfect partnerI have to share this rant I received via email about Internet dating. It was from a man who I’ll call Richard … because that’s his name … and I found it to be humorous, honest, accurate advice about dating on line — a process that can be intimidating, overwhelming, intriguing, frustrating and even dangerous. If you Read more “Learn the Do’s & Don’ts of Internet Dating”

Live your Dreams

I Dare You to Take This Challenge!

[youtube][/youtube]Why is it some people fall apart at the first sign of adversity while others are only motivated to work harder? Is tenacity genetic, environmental or innate? Is a positive attitude learned, motivated or a Divinely given gift? Why do some people inspire while others need to be fed inspiration for the tiniest pulse Read more “I Dare You to Take This Challenge!”


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