Live your Dreams

Take a Moment

[youtube][/youtube]Loss is never easy regardless of the circumstances. When your life is bombarded with loss repeatedly in a short span of time it creates a kind of perfect storm within. You can’t just tough it out, push it down deep inside of you and try to forge forward. The grief builds and Read more “Take a Moment”

Live your Dreams

Good Luck!!

[youtube][/youtube]It’s not often that an airplane crashes into a house across the street from you. That’s what happened on friday. An explosion and then sirens beyond anything I have ever heard first hand.

A few Read more “Good Luck!!”

Live your Dreams

Are You Handcuffed?

[youtube][/youtube]William Ward once said, “Forgiveness is the key that unlocks the handcuffs of hate.” … Everyone deserves forgiveness, but when the pain is so valid, it’s not always easy to let it go. We all get hurt. It’s part of being human and totally unavoidable. When we feel betrayed, abandoned or deceived, it’s a natural instinct to lay blame Read more “Are You Handcuffed?”

Live your Dreams

The Secret of Success

[youtube][/youtube]We are all alike in so many ways, but there is one quality that differentiates a few people from the majority — one personality trait that sets them apart from the masses. If you’ve ever asked the question, “Why me?”  then you need to read on. Every one of us Read more “The Secret of Success”


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