Live your Dreams

How To Get Your Way

[youtube][/youtube]Life doesn’t always play out according to my plans. Stuff happens … especially in this economy! The news is saturated with unemployment, failed business’ and loss. It’s easy to feel defeated, and when we are repeatedly knocked down, it sometimes seems useless to Read more “How To Get Your Way”

Live your Dreams

Can You Trust?

[youtube][/youtube]Trust is truly the elusive butterfly of love. When we’ve been hurt, its hard to get back up and try again. Trusting someone, or even trusting our own heart leaves us too vulnerable, so we rationalize, make up excuses and lie to ourselves because Read more “Can You Trust?”

Live your Dreams

Do We Have A Choice?

Groundhog day. According to tradition, if Phil, the chosen groundhog in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, sees his shadow, we are all destined to another six weeks of winter. If he doesn’t see it, spring is just around the corner. Typical of most traditions, the origin of Punxsutawney Phil can be traced to ancient folk lore and religion. We all know a groundhog can’t change the weather or the future, but can we? Read more “Do We Have A Choice?”


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