It’s The Little Things

As a divorce attorney, I see many clients at the end of their relationship. The reasons are varied, but fall into several main categories: infidelity, the other is too controlling, they no longer have a connection, stress of everyday life (finances, chores, children), drug/alcohol addictions, and mental or physical health issues. At one time, these people were in love, but everyday life severed that love and in most cases (at lease by the time I’m hired), there is no chance of tying it back together.

Since I deal with the destruction of relationships on a daily basis, it is with a great sense of relief when I arrive home at night, and after I spend time with my husband, that I can lose myself in either reading or writing a romance novel. As a romance writer, I create characters who overcome all obstacles just to be with the other person. Love conquers all. The hero and heroine battle the odds and perhaps change the course of their lives to accommodate the other. Yes, it’s a fairy tale, but it’s that happily ever after ending we should strive for in real life.

Perhaps we gave up a dream or changed in some way in order to be with the love of our life. Instead of looking back and allowing dissatisfaction to set in, we can learn from our favorite heros and heroines who had to work for love.

It’s my belief that it’s the little things that count. A kiss, a touch, a small gift that means something to the other, or a gesture that shows you care. It’s a kind word, a smile, making dinner, or picking up the other’s favorite ice cream at the grocery store.

What do you like to give and what do you like to get that shows love?






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