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A Simple Antidote to Personal Pain

Reaching out to othersAfter years of tripping over my own best intentions, I finally made a conscious decision to take control of my life and happiness. I walked away from my past and refused to be a victim. It just doesn’t make sense to empower others to control my destiny. Instead I chose to look at my past as stepping stones. I wasn’t really sure how to start, but I knew Read more “A Simple Antidote to Personal Pain”

Live your Dreams

The Shocking Impact of Abuse.

[youtube][/youtube]The economy has given us all a ride lately … but have you ever wondered why some people fall apart when they hit a bump in the road and others use their misfortune to motivate positive change in their lives? Attitude has a lot to do with the way we handle adversity, but how do you get the motivation for the positive attitude?  A few Read more “The Shocking Impact of Abuse.”

Live your Dreams

Warning: Internet Dating Site Rapists

If he sounds too good to be true ... he probably is!Last night ABC’s Primetime Crime aired a segment on Jeffrey Marsalis, the 35 year old “Mr. Right”, who pretended he was a doctor, astronaut and CIA agent to facilitate his serial rape scam on single women. As I watched the story unfold, I had to admit he took the “player” process to an all time low! Previously acquitted on numerous rape charges over the course of several years, Marsalis was finally convicted and sentenced to LIFE imprisonment, with eligibility for parole in 15 years.

His nonchalant, flippant attitude in the courtroom exemplified his sociopathic perspective, clearly displaying he felt he had not committed a crime at all. Amazingly, Read more “Warning: Internet Dating Site Rapists”

Live your Dreams

Am I Birthing A Book Or An Author?

[youtube][/youtube]Am I birthing a book or an Author? I guess both, and the arduous odyssey is truly a roller coaster ride. Sometimes the task is so overwhelming, I’m trapped by my computer while my friends and family feel as if I’ve fallen off the planet. I don’t mean to ignore them! I’ve just been sucked into an unfamiliar world that beacons with an alluring whisper like a mermaid’s song that enchants all who hear her, distracting and enticing them enough to walk off a ship’s deck or to run their ship Read more “Am I Birthing A Book Or An Author?”

Live your Dreams

Do you believe in the Power of Love?

Josh & Lacie

Finding someone you are attracted to is easy. Chemistry and lust are as primal as it gets. The creator’s genius was at it’s best when he made it feel so incredible to carry on the species, but love, that’s another story.

Love is an endless topic that has been the core of songs, books and stories through out the ages. Despite the incredible divorce rates and rising domestic violence, people still believe it’s possible to find, and stay in love. The power of love has a hold on humanity, but somewhere, the Read more “Do you believe in the Power of Love?”

Live your Dreams

Do you know how to make your own fireworks?

Make you own fireworks!July 4th is almost here and this year I am making my own fireworks! It’s time to celebrate my independence and walk away from toxic relationships forever! It’s great to get emails from women and men who tell me about their relationship train wrecks … and a little scary that I can identify with so many of them! I know first hand it can be really traumatic when you are on the receiving end of a “player”, but I’m continually amazed Read more “Do you know how to make your own fireworks?”

Live your Dreams

Who doesn’t love easy answers?

[youtube][/youtube]Life doesn’t always play out according to my plans. Stuff happens … especially in this economy! The news is saturated with unemployment, failed business’ and loss. It’s easy to feel defeated, and when you get repeatedly knocked down, it sometimes makes little sense to get back up again. The thing is, it is that getting up that Read more “Who doesn’t love easy answers?”


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