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Aaron Paul Lazar

A vacation on Cape Cod spirals out of control when the lure of ancient pirates’ gold incites madness in local feuding families, pulling two young lovers apart.

Mounting tensions give way to true danger as people start vanishing. And in the middle of a fast-brewing hurricane, Gus discovers the real secret at the heart of the feud: someone who will stop at nothing to make sure their side wins. Including murder.

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USA Today Bestselling Author Aaron Paul Lazar is obsessed with…

writing. With twenty-eight books to date, he’s earned twenty literary book awards. He writes mysteries, suspense, love stories, and more. You’ll usually find him writing his heart out in the early hours of the day – preferably in the dark, quiet hours when no one else is awake in his bustling household. Visit his website at to sign up for a free book and to learn about future deals.


“Addictive, award-winning fiction.” 

Dear readers,

Murder on the Brewster Flats is the first “series crossover” book I’ve written, letting characters from the LeGarde Mystery series “meet” folks from the Paines Creek Beach love story series. I started writing it last summer, when my wife and I were on our annual vacation to Brewster, Massachusetts, on our beloved Cape Cod. I decided Gus and Camille really deserved a vacation, too, and just couldn’t resist plopping them down onto Paines Creek Beach.

Of course, I used the same location a few years back when I wrote my first love story, The Seacrest (followed by The Seacroft, book 2, and The Seadog, book 3)Finn, Jax, and Cody McGraw, Libby, Scout, and Rudy Vanderhorn, Fritzi, Jack Remington, and all the other characters who ended up populating the Paines Creek Beach love story series live on Paines Creek Beach in Brewster. So it just seemed natural that Gus would bump into them, particularly Jack Remington, in his forays along the beach.

It was fun having Gus meet my other beloved characters, especially Fritzi. I have a soft spot in my heart for her, mostly because after what she went through in The Seadog. I also loved reconnecting with Bubba and Lucy, Scout and Jack’s dogs.

So you see, dear readers, these characters really are “real” to me and I was ridiculously pleased to mix them together in this book.

For the record, I write most of my series books as “standalones,” so that you can go from say, book 12, to book 1, to book 4, without any difficulty or confusion. Please feel free to explore among the twenty-eight titles I now have to offer you.

Happy reading,

Aaron Paul Lazar

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BITTERSWEET HOLLOW (Romantic Suspense)



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