What Every Author Never Knew They Need To Know

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 What Every Author Never Knew They Need To Know

Writers Write Countless Hours––Create Amazing Stories––That Readers Devour––We Promote Endlessly––So Where’s Our Income?

Everyone wants a piece of the cake. The problem is by the time the decadent dish gets back to us, there’s little left. Sure, we get the glory and pats on the back, but how do we survive? A day job? Editing other writer’s work while our own energy and creatvity dwindles? Pandering for cash on the side? In this series, Awesome Bewitching Authors will discuss ways to keep cash in our bank account. If you’re a new author or published, this is what I know about you, because I know this about me. Even as an English teacher, I found out the hard way … What Every Author Never Knew They Need To Know!

Whether you self-pub or have a great publisher, keep your cash … don’t take years to learn what every author needs to know from day one. You’ve got talent. You’re writing a book. Or maybe you already completed your masterpiece and have a contract. Congrats! You deserve to reap the benefits of all your hard work. So what’s next?

Before you move forward, make sure you know the ropes. You can avoid traps a lot of published authors fall into by arming yourself with the knowledge of experience. So join Awesome Bewitching Authors for this series. We’ll start at the beginning and walk you through each step … for free … so you’ll know what every author needs to know. 

Part One: Formatting Your Manuscript

what-every-author-needs-to-know-about-formattingTechnical issues can morph your shiny new manuscript into a scrambled mess. What’s worse is you can’t even see. What? That’s right. The culprate is formatting and the issues sneak into your pages through the back door. Formatting can totally destroy the appearance of your book during publishing. Transfer a manuscript into a galley and proof––weeks of laborious editing you could have avoided if you knew a little Microsoft magic. About formatting will provide valuable information to save you a ton of time and unnecessary editing. Don’t miss this … Click here for your genie in the bottle. 

What Every Author Needs To Know About Formatting


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